When is Divorce Most Common?

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While some believe that divorce is a unique situation that only comes after personal choice and thoughtful consideration, research has found that there are many common grounds between divorces; including the time that most couples seek a divorce. Research has shown that most couples file for divorce after the holiday season or surrounding the school calendar year. Whether you are contemplating a divorce, and you wish to wait until after the holidays or summer vacation; you may contact a Florida Divorce Attorney at anytime to discuss your options and desire of when to file.

Research shows the first peak in divorces occurs in the month of January, after the conclusion of the holiday season. The holiday season, although intended to bring joy and happiness, does also bring a great deal of marital stressors. For instance, during the holiday season, finances may become tight with the extra expenditures on gifts, extended family involvement can cause marital fights and discomfort, and the increase travel may result in stressful situations where individuals realize the marriage is broken. On the other hand, some couples remain together during the holiday season simply for the children. They wish to provide them with one last good memory of them together as a family. Many couples want to shelter their children from the divorce process and feel as though giving them a great memory to hold onto before the news of a divorce is a way to accomplish this.

The month of August has also always seen a peak in the number of filings for divorce. Research has shown that the influx during this month has many different explanations. For instance, with the ending of summer, the minor children will return to school, or the older children will leave for college. With the minor children, parents feel waiting to divorce during the school year will allow the children to have a separate focus and not be surrounded by the tension that a divorce might bring, as they would during the summer break. For older children who leave for college, couples may experience the empty nest syndrome and acknowledge that they do not know their partner outside of the parenting relationship and wish to find the love again with someone else. Or, some couples only remained together to benefit their minor children and with their adulthood on the horizon they feel as though it is now time to take the leap and officially divorce. Another explanation is a couple who believed the summer vacation and increased family time would save their marriage or rekindle the relationship, but instead they ended up disappointed. Increased time spent together as a couple with existing marital issues, at times will only exasperate the issues causing more distance and displeasure. The couple may also have had high hopes for the summer break to cause a momentous change in their spouse or their relationship and when these expectations are unmet, it will leave a spouse disappointed and seeking a divorce.

If you are considering divorce, but feel that there is a proper timeline that will best suit your family, discuss this with your Florida Divorce Attorney. Our meetings are confidential and your spouse will not be aware of your consultation. Further, you are in full control of when you would like to file for divorce. Therefore, we can simply prepare the necessary paperwork and have it ready to file at the time you feel is appropriate for you and your family.

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