What Are Some Reasons Older Couples are Choosing Divorce?

Older Couple

Divorce is one area where there is no discrimination of age, race or gender. Although statistics show the likelihood of couples divorcing exponentially declines after a certain age, there has been a significant uptick in the number of couples divorcing in their golden years. This rather new phenomena is known as grey divorce or the silver split. The Pew Research Center found that individuals over the age of 50 are now two times more likely to divorce than they were in 1990. If you find yourself approaching divorce no matter the stage of life you are in, contact an Orlando Divorce Attorney today to ensure you are protected during this process.

Why the amount of divorces has increased in couples over the age of 50 is a question that researchers have begun to investigate. Some researchers have attributed this late life decision to the decreased stigma surrounding divorce. Baby boomers were born into an era where divorce was shameful and you were encouraged to stay married in order to remain apart of the community. Today, more specifically women, are encouraged to find their voice and individual self, outside of a relationship. Many women have obtained jobs outside of the home and are more financially independent then their predecessors. Such independence provides females with a driven mindset that no longer focuses on the needs of their children or spouse, but rather their own desires. This outlook was extremely uncommon in the 20th century and with this new discovery comes a lesser stigma surrounding divorces.

Further, these older couples see the younger generation waiting longer to get married or not getting married at all. Some older individuals may be envious of this single life path that they did not take, as many of the baby boomers married in their late teens. If they are in an unhappy marriage and see their younger counterparts enjoying life, this may be a factor in their decision to divorce.

Some couples, realize after the children leave the home that they have grown apart from their spouse and have lost their spark. This is known as the empty nest syndrome. After spending 18 plus years caring for your children, you have lost touch with the individual you raised the children with. Rather than remaining in a loveless marriage, many couples embark on a new journey to discover a new partner to reignite the spark with.

Finally, researchers attribute the increased life expectancy of older individuals to be a factor in the rising number of divorces. With access to healthcare and ways to remain fit and healthy individual’s life span has drastically increased from the 20th century. With this increase, individuals realize they may have time to find a new partner who they share common interests and lifestyles, whom they can live out their final years with in happiness.

No matter what season in life you are in, if you are contemplating divorce- contact an experienced Orlando Divorce Attorney who can guide you through the process of completing your divorce.

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