When to Pursue Mediation Instead of Litigation

Divorce is a time of high emotions and conflict. While it may seem impossible to avoid animosity between a once loving couple when they split up, it’s important to know that intense emotional conflict tends to make divorce more difficult, more expensive, and it’ll like take longer to complete. The hard part is being on the same page regarding asset and debt distribution, child custody, alimony, and more. Naturally, you want what you’re entitled to and feel is “yours,” but it’s not always so simple, in the eyes of the law, to divvy up the marital assets in an equal way. Rather, marital assets are divided in an “equitable” way.

Mediation addresses common divorce-related concerns, such as:

Is Mediation Preferable to Litigation?

Mediation involves divorcing spouses to meet with an objective 3rd party to discuss and resolve issues rather than proceeding to a potentially lengthy, expensive, and stressful trial. Mediation may be trickier, as you’ll have to put aside your personal differences and build your communication skills – even if the lack of communication is what led to the breakdown of your marriage. Another thing to keep in mind is that mediation keeps the control of “who gets what” in your hands rather than leaving these final decisions to a judge. This should give you further incentive to keep your mediation civil, not to mention the court may require you to have demonstrated a good faith effort to mediate your divorce before scheduling a court hearing to litigate the matter.

Of course, it’s not always possible to come to agreements regarding your divorce-related concerns, regardless of how hard you try. It can be an uphill climb to convince one spouse of what they consider fair tradeoffs. If you find yourself in a jam and cannot come to agreements about the terms of your divorce, it may be time to have your divorce lawyer go to bat for you in court so you have the best chance of getting what you want out of the divorce decree.

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