Free Family Law Consultations for the Next Two Weeks to Address Family Law Issues Raised by the Corona Virus

Corona Virus

A message from attorney Gerard Virga regarding the Corona Virus:

Florida families are our top priority and during this time of crisis we will be offering free consultations for the next two weeks. Our firm has a history of helping our clients through times of crisis and we will continue to aggressively pursue solutions for our clients in these evolving conditions. Times are changing rapidly. Modern families must be ready to change as well. Many families are finding themselves caught in evolving unworkable legal situations arising from the unprecedented nature of this crisis. Our firm stands ready to continue to fight for the rights of families who find themselves in need of help with the following situations:

  • stabilizing the legal chaos of separated or separating households and family transitions (confined close quarters can at times escalate the existing dysfunctional dynamics in a relationship)
  • pursuing modifications for unworkable parenting plans or enforcement of existing parenting plans
  • addressing legal avenues for uncooperative or unsafe co-parenting situations
  • preserving requests to modify support due to loss or change of income
  • providing aggressive representation for domestic violence injunctions
  • seeking settlement or court approval for make-up time-sharing due to quarantine or isolation periods and school calendar changes
  • providing alternatives methods for resolving legal issues such as mediation and collaborative law to dissolve a marriage and/or address custody and support issues outside of the traditional courtroom adversarial hearing
  • seeking advice and solutions for all other Florida family law related matters

The Virga Law Firm already has cutting edge secure technology and software in place to meet the legal needs of families in just about any location whether that be to families confined to their home or located almost anywhere in the United States and many international countries as well. In fact, many existing clients prefer to meet virtually and already communicate from the comfort and safety of their own home regardless of where they live or are stationed.

Our attorneys and staff, like much of the nation, are now working remotely and are fully equipped to securely and personally communicate with our clients utilizing the latest technologies. Clients will find their attorneys accessible and can schedule virtual or telephonic meetings via phone or through our website. Additionally, almost the entire case can be done without having to leave your home. Current technologies make it possible to meet virtually “ face to face” using software on your cell phone or computer, to perform virtual document signing, to electronically print, scan, fax and to even attend some court appearances telephonically when appropriate and when allowed by the court.

Be assured that the legal communities in Florida are working closely with the Clerks of Court throughout the state to lessen the impact that closures, quarantines, isolation, social distancing and delays have upon the legal issues facing Florida families.

We at the Virga Law Firm are committed to continuing to aggressively pursue solutions for the changing needs of our clients in these uncharted times.

Call 800-822-5170 for a free telephone or virtual consultation with one of our attorneys for any questions you may have regarding your family law rights during the extraordinary changes now facing your family or loved ones.

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