Tips for a Child Custody Dispute

A mother sits on a bench in the woods with her small children on either side of her. They are facing away from the camera.

A child custody dispute can be one of the most emotional experience of a parent’s life. Therefore, gaining as much knowledge, advice, and support can make significant differences in your child custody case. Therefore, your attorney has provided a number of tips for you to consider and implement into your approach regarding your personal child custody case.

Do Not Make Your Child Custody Dispute Public. With social media being a large part of many people’s lives and a platform for emotional outlet, many feel safe to vent their feelings about their co-parent or child custody battle to their “friends” on these internet platforms. However, these rants can seriously hinder your case. One of the factors considered by the court is the ability of a parent to encourage a relationship between the child and coparent and be cooperative. If you are posting negative things about your co-parent the court may take this into consideration. Further, if you are posting about the lavish vacations you are taking without your child, or are tagged in pictures in compromising positions, these may also be brought before the judge to consider your parental fitness and involvement in the child’s life.

Keep Records. A large argument that arises between parents is their involvement in their child’s life. Further, a large factor the court considers when determining custody arraignments is the daily incoming in every aspect of the child’s life and which parent has taken the responsibility for certain tasks. Therefore, it will be helpful to take notes and record certain tasks you engage in with your child. List activities, parent teacher conferences, doctor and dental appointments, play dates, school activities, or vacations taken with the child. You will also want to keep a record of the contact you have with your former partner regarding the child. A parent’s ability to keep the other informed is also a factor taken into account by the courts. Therefore, if you are able to show the messages, phone calls, or pick up and drop offs that occurred you will have a foundation to provide the court as to your responsibility regarding co-parenting.

Do Not Involve Your Child. During a child custody dispute, it is common for parents to vent to their children, especially if they are older. However, this can cause a great deal of harm to your case and the relationship between the child and parent. If you tell your child negative aspects of the action and their parent, it can in turn result in what is called parental alienation. If found guilty of parental alienation, your custody rights may be severely restricted. Your children are not therapists, and are innocent bystanders to the dispute between you and your partner. Keeping them outside of the arguments and not using them as pawns or messengers allows them to remain in the child role and freely enjoy each parent equally without fear or encouragement otherwise.

Child custody cases are very unique experiences and should be treated as such. Therefore, even with the helpful foregoing overall tips it will be important to consult with a lawyer. An attorney will be able to assess your specific case and provide more specialized information for you regarding your matter. Therefore, we encourage you to consult with an experienced attorney to protect your rights and your child in these actions.

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