Court Costs in Pensacola Divorce Action

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With the many uncertainties surrounding a divorce action, there is one item that many clients can look to with certainty; court costs. These costs vary depending on the action brought, jurisdiction, and court; however, when you are filing a divorce action, your court and action are predetermined and therefore, you will be able to have a definite cost as to the charges you will incur from the court. Your divorce attorney has provided the court costs for our surrounding counties to provide you with a better understanding of the costs associated with your case.

When meeting with your lawyer one of the first questions you may be asked is where you and your spouse last lived together as a couple, or where you and your spouse presently reside. Depending upon those answers, your attorney will determine in which county your case needs to be filed. Generally, most of the clients will file their divorce action in Escambia or Santa Rosa County.

If you are filing for divorce in Escambia County, you will be required to pay an initial filing fee of $408. Once your petition is filed, you will need to request a summons to be issued by the clerk to satisfy proper service requirements on your spouse and initiate the divorce proceedings. To issue the summons, the clerk requires a $10 fee. If you are not initiating the divorce action, and instead are responding to a petition, you will not be required to pay any additional fees as your answer is included in the initial filing fee paid by your spouse. However, if you are responding with an answer plus a counter petition you will be required to pay a filing fee of $403. After these initial costs are paid, there will be no further court costs required in your initial divorce petition. If after your case has been closed and you wish to modify your divorce decree, you will need to reopen the case. To reopen a case in Escambia County, the charge is $50.

If you fall within the county of Santa Rosa, your filing fees and court costs are slightly different. When initiating a divorce action, the court requires a fee of $430.50. Again, after you initiate a proceeding you will need to request a summons to be issued by the clerk. If you have prepared the summons, the Santa Rosa County will only charge a fee of $10. However, if the clerk must prepare the summons, your fee will be $17. Just as in Escambia County, if you are the respondent to a divorce action and are only providing an answer, you will have no extra charges from the court, as the initial filing fee covers these costs. However, if you are also filing a counter petition, you will be charged with a $295 fee. Finally, if your case has been closed and you wish to reopen it later on, Santa Rosa County requires a fee of $72.50 to be paid prior to reviving a case.

Although court costs are only a small portion of your divorce case, having a definitive number rather than estimate does provide some individuals with a sense of control during this unsettling process. For other items and costs regarding your divorce action, speak to a knowledgeable divorce attorney today.

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