What is Bridge the Gap Alimony and How Does it Help?


Divorce can be extremely fearful time, especially in regards to the financial uncertainty it might bring. However, in order to aid in the inequitable financial circumstances that may result after a divorce, courts implement alimony awards into final judgments. Such awards can come in many forms however, one that many courts find to be most appropriate, in this time, is known as Bridge the Gap alimony. With the aid of an Orlando Divorce Attorney, you will understand each different type of alimony award, discover which award best suits your situation, which you may be entitled to and together you will formulate a plan to achieve your goal of financial independence.

In every case where alimony is under review, the court must first determine if there is a need on behalf of the receiving spouse as well as an ability to pay by the obligated spouse. 61.08 If an initial determination has been made, the court will find an alimony type that applies to the case by weighing a number of different statutory factors. Bridge the gap alimony is awarded in short term situations to aid in the transition from being married to a single lifestyle. Therefore, it covers specific expenses that may hinder that transition. It is imperative to present to the court your identified short term needs and how such an alimony award will alleviate these needs. For instance, the transition from being married to single can be accompanied by new living situations requiring down payments on homes or security deposits on new apartments. Further, if you and your spouse shared a vehicle, a party may need to purchase new transportation. Bridge the gap alimony may also aid in the day to day needs of a spouse such as utilities or groceries. The most common need for bridge the gap alimony is to allow a party to obtain gainful employment. This financial support may allow time for a spouse to enter back into the work force, after maintaining a household during the marriage. However, if education or training is needed in order to enter into a career, you may want to pursue rehabilitative alimony instead. There can be many needs for alimony and your ability to identify these needs with your Orlando Divorce Attorney is crucial to an appropriate award.

This type of award is statutorily limited to 2 years in duration therefore, it is important to not become solely dependent upon these payments. The intended use of this type of award is to supplement income and provide the opportunity for the spouse to become financially independent in their new single lifestyle. In addition to the noted termination date, this award may terminate upon death or remarriage of the receiving spouse. Further, this alimony award is nonmodifiable in amount or duration, due to the short-term nature and identified needs. Being aware of the manner of termination as well as the projected date is imperative to be financially prepared for such termination.

Discussing the different types of alimony plans and your specific needs is crucial to a proper alimony argument. Your Orlando Divorce Attorney will ensure you are financially protected and provided for in your new single life.

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