Should I Modify my Parenting Plan Before The New School Year?

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As your family completes their first summer break within their new family dynamic, it will be time to focus on the first school year after your divorce. Such a time can bring forward many questions and highly contentious issues. During the first back to school season, schedules, and responsibilities may change, and some parents may need to make modifications to their existing parenting plan during this time. Contact your Orlando Child Custody Attorney if you and your partner have come to an agreement or if you need to have a hearing regarding the pressing issues in your parenting plan.

The most common modifications come in the form of exchange times, schedules, or primary custodian designation. Some parents may realize with the start of a new school year, that a mid week transition is no longer feasible. Instead, some parents find a week to week switch, or every other weekend schedule becomes easier for the parties and the children during the stressful school year. Further, extracurricular activities become more prevalent during the school year as well. It is important to note the extracurricular activities and how these may affect a time sharing plan, the cost of these activities and the transportation of the child to these activities. Work schedules may also begin to conflict with the start and release times of certain schools therefore, a parenting plan may need to be altered in order to accommodate these changes. These could result in significant changes to an existing parenting plan and may even alter a child support order. These are topics that need to be discussed with your Orlando Child Custody Attorney to ensure proper measures are taken to protect your rights.

A change may also need to be made based upon the address associated with the school. For public schools, you must be within a certain geographic location to be eligible for attendance. In your parenting plan, you will address which parent’s address will be used in determining the school attendance. However, if a parent relocates, this designation may need to be changed. This designation may also affect the timesharing plan, as one parent may be significantly closer in proximity to the school and therefore, it may be prudent to change the timesharing plan to make it easier on the child, with the parent in closest proximity maintaining primary custody. This again could have ripple effects on a child support order and will need an experienced set of eyes to ensure your rights are protected, contact your Orlando Child Custody Attorney.

The key factor to this transition into a new school year is communication with your coparent. Being able to discuss your respective schedules as well as the schooling needs of your children will allow for you both to come to an agreement that fits your specific family. Modifications of a parenting plan may be completed between the parties and then accepted by the court. Or may be brought before the judge for a hearing if parties are unable to come to a single comprehensive agreement. All modifications must show a substantial change in circumstances as well as being in the best interest of the child. Your Orlando Divorce Attorney can help to craft the new plan, ensuring the child’s best interest is taken into consideration and discuss the necessary adjustments to your parenting plan that supports the academic needs of your child.

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