How Should I Prepare for my First Meeting with a Florida Divorce Attorney?

couple talking with a divorce attorney

Upon choosing an attorney to help you with your family law matter, preparation for your initial meeting will help alleviate much of your stress. Being unprepared can leave you with unanswered questions, and may cause delays and or additional costs in terms of attorney’s fees. The following are some tips to use when getting ready for that initial face to face meeting.

Have Set Goals

Each family is unique. Our marriages and divorces are likewise - different. Before meeting with your Virga Law Firm Florida Attorney, you should be familiar with your own goals. What property that you would like to walk away from the divorce with? Have you and your spouse discussed divorce prior to your meeting with your attorney? Do you anticipate moving out of the marital home, or that your spouse will move? With your respective work schedules, what do you anticipate the schedule will be like for time with your children? Be prepared to express your wants and needs to your attorney.

You Will Not Need to take Notes, (but there will be Homework)

When you walk into your initial meeting with your Virga Law Firm Florida Attorney- you will be given a great deal of information. If you wish to take your own notes, you certainly can. However, your attorneys and their staff will be happy to remind you or provide additional copies of documents if needed. There will be a great deal of information received, and it may be hard to think of the specifics discussed. Notes (even general ones) can help you to remember questions and concerns you want to bring up to your attorney later. However, your attorney will provide you information on what your next steps should be, and help simplify the process by not giving you too many tasks to complete at a time. You will not need to walk into the meeting with all of your important documents; you will also be provided a list of paperwork to gather, and a time frame of which to provide it in

Prepare a List of Questions

Just as when attending a medical appointment, give yourself time to think of questions before the actual meeting. What do you want to come away from this meeting knowing? You may have questions about the basic process, additional costs or fees for experts, settlement information, or other obligations or entitlements that that you think you may be liable for or entitled to. Your attorney will appreciate your forethought and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Remember, your attorney’s job is to help you meet your goals and best represent you during your case. They are selling you their knowledge and expertise – do not feel afraid to ask questions or to ask for certain goals to be accomplished.

Contact a Virga Law Firm Florida Attorneys

Once you feel ready to meet with an attorney regarding your family law case, contact our Virga Law Firm Florida Attorneys today.

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