My Divorce Is Done - Why Am I Back in Court?

Has your divorce been finalized? Once the judge has issued the divorce decree, many couples believe they have closed the door and are ready to begin life anew. On the other side of this, some couples find that divorce is only the first in a series of court appearances that they will need to accommodate for several years after.

Divorce court proceedings can sometimes have rewarding prospects once all is said and done. Then there are some cases where couples are caught up in one battle after the other.

Are you facing another court appearance? I, Attorney Virga, am prepared to guide you through all of the processes and be your advocate in any matter, no matter how contentious.

Understanding Contempt Proceedings

You may need to petition the courts to review your case if your spouse is non-compliant. Or, perhaps you need to modify the terms of either of these, due to changes in your circumstances or your children’s needs have changed.

Your spouse may be held in contempt of court for any violations of court procedures or terms as discussed in your divorce agreement. You can petition for the courts to enforce the orders and force your ex to comply.

You may petition the courts to review matters such as:

It may be difficult to acknowledge this, but in order to ensure that all of your affairs are in order following your divorce, you may still have ties to your ex that, once all is said and done. At The Virga Law Firm, P.A., we can help you prepare for any matter involving your divorce or family law matter, whether or not the case will go to trial.

If you have any questions about the court processes involved, please do not hesitate to contact a lawyer to discuss your case. My team is here to offer personalized, compassionate, and attentive legal counsel to you at this time.

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