Is there a Correlation Between Pre-Nuptial Agreements and Divorces?

Prenuptial agreement.

Unfortunately, pre-nuptial agreements are associated with a number of negative feelings and consequences. With such a negative connotation, it is unsurprising that many believe that signing a Prenuptial agreement will increase their likelihood of divorce. However, research shows that the act of signing a Prenup is not the indicative factor, rather the manner in which each spouse views the Prenup is actually a more consistent factor in a couple’s ability to remain married. Ensure you understand the benefits of a prenup and manners in which to approach this complicated topic by discussing it with your partner and Pensacola Family Law Attorney. These conversations can be critical to encourage a positive outlook on the idea of a prenup and your marriage.

Throughout many research studies conducted on the longevity of marriage, a consistent factor that can predict a couple’s likelihood of divorce is an individual’s view of marriage and divorce. This falls directly in line with an individual’s view of a prenup. For instance, if your partner views marriage as a lifelong commitment that they intend to work on every day and divorce is a last resort, they are also likely to view a prenup in a more favorable manner. In contrast, if divorce is seen as a method of resolve and marriage is a title that can be easily removed, their view of a prenup may be motivated by the desire to draw out a detailed guideline for their divorce.

Having a partner who holds the same ideals as you on these topics is critical to the development of a prenup and ultimately your marriage. It is imperative to discuss these topics with your partner before entering marriage as even a slight difference of opinion in the early stages of your relationship may become a large factor later on. When discussing these topics, you should discuss a prenup with your partner and their ideas of the same. If your partner views a prenup as an item that encourages divorce and provides and them with an easy removal from their marriage, it is more likely that your partner will seek divorce when problems arise. In contrast, if you and your partner value marriage in the same light and agree that a prenup provides you with an opportunity to work together and practice qualities that are important to a marriage such as compromise without considering the option of divorce, your marriage is likely to withstand the inevitable hardships. These conversations with your partner, although may be uncomfortable, can be critical to your understanding of your partner and your relationship.

With the common belief that signing a Prenup encourages a couple to divorce, it can be said that this thought process is both true and mythical. As the research explains, each couple’s independent view of a prenuptial agreement is a determining factor on their marriage longevity. Therefore, it is important to fully understand what a prenuptial agreement means to your marriage. Discuss the details openly with your spouse and Pensacola Family Law Attorney to ensure you appreciate the benefits a prenup may bring to you and your marriage.

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