Mistakes to Avoid During a Divorce


A divorce is a unique experience, that many individuals have no knowledge or experienced with until it happens to them. Therefore, with a divorce many mistakes can be made as you are entering this difficult time with generally no experience in the matter. This is where the aid of your Orlando Divorce Attorney becomes invaluable. We will ensure you are protected throughout this process and explain the details of each document or procedure. Finally, we will direct you on a path that limits the number of mistakes many individuals make during this emotional time.

The most common mistake people make during their divorce, is using the trial or court to get revenge on their partner. Especially in cases where infidelity, or any form of marital misconduct was a part of the breakdown of the marriage, spouses send to seek revenge. The courtroom is not where you should seek retribution if you are angry with your spouse. This type of revenge not only hurts your spouse, but could hurt you and your children. A case that enters the confines of a courtroom automatically, has their costs exponentially increased, prolongs the divorce process waiting on a scheduled date, and leaves the court with the power to determine the results of your divorce settlement. Although you may wish to bring out the dirty details of your spouse’s history and make them spend an exorbitant amount of money in court to punish them for the divorce, this is a mistake that will also affect you financially, as well as the overall outcome of your case.

Another common mistake made by couples going through a divorce is letting the emotional aspect of the process cloud their logic and rational judgment. A divorce deals with a great amount of important financial, and life decisions. Therefore, it is important to approach each meeting, hearing, deposition, settlement, or trial with a clear mind focused on the facts outside of the emotions. When emotions are involved, you can find yourself arguing over simple issues and lose focus of the overall picture. Emotions may even prevent you from settling or compromising which can result in a longer divorce process and eventually a court battle. It is important to keep emotions in balance. Emotions can be difficult to control, however, it is necessary in this process to take time to regain logical perspective, focus on the facts, the law, and allow your Orlando Divorce Attorney to fight for you.

Finally, parents engaging in a divorce, tend to make the mistake of neglecting the emotional needs or capacity of their common children. It is easy to become frustrated with your spouse when going through a divorce, and repeat hurtful things about them to your children. However, it is important to remember that your spouse is also their parent. Do not make them feel resentment towards their parent, or make them feel guilty for loving or enjoying their time spent with them. The best environment for a child is to be raised and have substantial relationships with both parents. Therefore, remember your child’s need of having two involved parents and refrain from needlessly hurting your children.

Divorce is difficult, and it is unlikely you have any experience with the matter, and therefore, it is easy to make mistakes during the process. However, your Orlando Divorce Attorney is here to help you avoid these common mistakes and remind you of your goals, keep you on track, and fight to protect your rights throughout the difficult process.

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