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Landlord-tenant law is one of the most widely used and applicable laws to Florida citizens and residents. Millions of homes are rented every year in Florida, and there is always a landlord and tenant involved. Despite its common and widespread application throughout our state, it is a very misunderstood, misapplied and misrepresented area of law. It requires an experienced Panama City Beach landlord/tenant attorney to address the various areas of law and procedure and advise completely and pointedly on the issues that arise in any given landlord-tenant dispute. Both landlord and tenant need the proper legal advice to make the right and best decision under the given circumstances.

Some of the issues we address include:

  • Non-compliance with lease obligations
  • Drafting formal written notices to landlord(s) or tenant(s)
  • Failure to pay rent
  • Curable and non-curable breaches of lease
  • Month to month termination notice
  • Notice requirements
  • Mailbox rule

Property and apartment management companies need a landlord-tenant attorney they can trust and call at any time without having to worry if the attorney truly knows landlord-tenant law and about expensive legal fees. They need to know answers to their legal questions on a routine and consistent basis. This is especially true in the world of landlord-tenant law, because so much of it is procedural in nature, and the failure to follow the proper procedures will prevent the landlord from enforcing a remedy against a tenant—even if the tenant is truly in default or violation of the lease or statute. Likewise, tenants who are faced with a landlord’s legal action, whether by demands, notices or lawsuits, need to consult with a legal professional in landlord-tenant law, or else the tenant may face harsh liabilities, including eviction, damages and attorney’s fees and costs. Our property management attorneys at The Virga Law Firm, PA are highly experienced in Florida residential landlord-tenant act legal issues and know how to identify the issues quickly and competently.

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