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When a minor is no longer under the loving care or appropriate guidance of their parents, a third party with interests in the child’s wellbeing can petition to become their legal guardian. People can also ask to become a guardian of an adult with a severe mental or physical debilitation that makes it difficult or impossible for them to care for themselves in day-to-day living. In Florida law, the petitioner asks to be a guardian or warden for a specific ward.

Convincing a court you should be granted guardianship over a minor or disabled adult can be an uphill battle that requires a sound knowledge of Florida’s guardianship laws. Give yourself solid footing on which to begin your case by working with The Virga Law Firm, P.A. and our guardianship lawyers in Orlando. With more than 80 years of collective legal experience and a focus on client satisfaction, we have become the trusted name in family law casework throughout the region.

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Details of Guardianships in Florida

Voluntary guardianships in Florida are used when the petitioner wants to become the guardian of a minor or a disabled adult. This situation will require some convincing for the court to accept the petition, as assigning someone new to act as a parent or caretaker is a huge responsibility. For the most part, the court will prefer to give guardianship to a relative or trusted family friend but these are not the only options.

Someone can volunteer to become a guardian of a child if:

  • The child’s parents both pass away.
  • The child’s parents both become incarcerated.
  • Both of the child’s parents become physically or mentally incapacitated.
  • A court deems both of the child’s parents unsuitable for raising a child.

An involuntary guardianship may occur when the court initiates the guardianship process, or an interested third party claims the ward is no longer capable of managing their personal and financial affairs due to incapacity. This legal situation may unfold when a minor has no viable parents or a disabled adult has no current guardian but no one steps forth to volunteer. A Florida family law court will review potential candidates based on the same standards it would use when evaluating a volunteer and make the assignment. Someone chosen for involuntary guardianship may have an opportunity to argue their way out of the responsibility.

After a guardian is officially appointed, they will receive the following duties and more:

  • Deciding medical treatment for the ward.
  • Choosing the ward’s place of residence.
  • Applying for government benefits for the ward.
  • Represent the ward in court or begin lawsuits for the ward.

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