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Postnuptial agreements are written contracts in which married couples outline specific terms and conditions about how property and debt acquired during the marriage will be treated upon divorce. Postnuptial agreements are executed after the parties get married. Unfortunately, many people have an aversion toward both premarital and postmarital agreements, feeling that entering into such an agreement suggests that the couple is not serious about the of marriage or are second-guessing their commitments. As a result, some divorcing couples end up spending a substantial part of their wealth toward legal fees that could have been avoided with a postmarital agreement.

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Florida Laws Regulating the Enforceability of Postnuptial Agreements

Postnuptial agreements allow married couples to exercise more control over their wealth and delineate their expectations about what assets are considered marital property or separate property. If one considers marriage to be analogous to a partnership – whether for business or a charitable cause – the expectations of that partnership are rearticulated and updated as the relationship progresses.

Prenuptial agreements help people address financial issues including:

  • Whether wealth obtained through inheritance is marital or separate property
  • Whether both parties have rights to property separately owned before marriage

To a certain degree, postnuptial agreements can account for recent developments in the marriage. The couple has autonomy over the details of their relationship. Accordingly, a postnuptial contract can give you and your spouse the latitude to reinforce certain expectations while providing more flexibility with others.

Typical provisions of a postnuptial agreement include:

  • Identifying newly acquired property
  • Establishing each spouse’s rights and obligations regarding specific property
  • Determining which spouse is responsible for paying certain debts, loans, and mortgages
  • Naming beneficiaries of life insurance policies
  • Reconciling the terms and conditions of spousal support upon divorce

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