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Resolve Your Case Outside of Court – We Can Help!

When you’re facing a divorce, it is often difficult to come to an agreement on everything, especially when there are finances, assets and children involved. As mediators, it is our job to remain neutral, act on the basis of mutual benefit and never force an argument. Our experienced team of Destin mediation attorneys can help you when you want to avoid going to trial. Contact our team to set up a consultation about your options for utilizing mediation to settle your disagreements.

Why Choose Mediation?

There are several reasons why you would choose mediation over going to trial. These include:

  • Less expensive: Mediation is much less expensive than a traditional court trial and attorney fees.
  • Efficiency: Typically, mediation only takes days or weeks, while a trial can last months or longer.
  • Confidential: Mediation is typically confidential, unlike court cases, which are public. There are no records, transcripts or evidence, which eliminates the worry of something being brought up later.
  • Increased flexibility and control: The parties involved in mediation are in control instead of the court, so outcomes and settlements are their decision, not the judge’s.
  • Less formal: There are substantially less formalities and procedures in mediation as compared to court, allowing the parties, including the mediator, to focus on resolution instead of court processes.

Successful mediation can lead to smoother, more efficient and mutually positive problem resolution in the future because it teaches the parties how to resolve their issues without turning to an outside source for the answer. With the help of a mediation lawyer from our team, you can rest assured your conflict will be resolved in a timely and professional manner with the personal attention it deserves.

Destin Attorneys for Your Mediation Needs

If you are having a dispute and you need to create a safe space to discuss your arguments, a mediator is just what you need. Our team of Destin mediation lawyers can provide the impartial help that some disagreements require. We understand the importance of mediation in situations that affect your future, and that of your children, and we know that having an outsider present can help temper heightened emotions. Don’t drag out your divorce. Let our team of mediation attorneys help.

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