Is Child Support Awarded if Parents Share Joint Custody?

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Divorce is a difficult process to go through, especially when raising children. No matter the outcome of divorce, meeting the best interests of your children is crucial. Sometimes joint custody is the best thing for divorced parents to choose when raising their children. However, contrary to popular belief, child support decisions are still required by law even if parents share joint custody.

Here is how child support is awarded for parents who share joint custody in Florida.

How Does Child Support in Florida Work?

In Florida, child support is mandated by the judge overseeing the divorce. When determining support payments, judges look at multiple factors. The most important factors are the financial situation of each parent and the custody situation. two factors. First is the financial income and earnings of each parent. The second factor is how much time the child spends with each parent. This is determined by nights spent with each parent in a week.

When parents share joint custody, the judge will most likely look at the first factor. Because parents split physical custody 50/50, the parent with a higher income may be required to pay child support. The judge will also look at a variety of factors, including insurance, childcare, monthly expenses, and the needs of the child to weigh if child support is necessary.

In some cases where each parent makes the same amount, the judge may rule for no child support. However, this is a rare occurrence, as judges look at a multitude of factors to ensure the protection and financial well-being of the child.

How to Calculate Child Support for Joint Custody?

Child support in Florida is calculated based on the Income Shares Model, which looks at the child’s well-being and financial situation if the parents were to have remained together. The model takes into account every aspect of each parent’s financial situation to determine the amount of support needed for the child.

Because of the multitude of factors involved in deciding the amount of child support, it can be difficult to determine the amount of child support that is fair and reasonable in Florida without an experienced attorney.

Contact a Family Law Attorney

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