5 Helpful Tips for Co-Parenting During Halloween

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Halloween is a holiday many children look forward to. If you and your spouse recently split up, however, navigating this spooktacular holiday may be somewhat of a challenge for you. When it comes to your children, it is important to try to set aside any resentments or hurt feelings you may be harboring to do what is best for your children. Continue reading for some helpful tips on how to co-parent during Halloween.

Celebrating Halloween After a Divorce

Between trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving, there are many activities for kids of all ages to enjoy. If you and your ex-spouse are not on friendly enough terms, consider splitting these activities with your children, so they can have quality time with both of you. If you have a good co-parenting relationship, make the most of it by sharing this day, so no one feels left out.

Here are 5 tips that can help you peacefully navigate this holiday with your co-parent:

  1. Take time to plan: Halloween is on a different day every year, so if you share custody, it could change who gets to spend time with the kids on this holiday. Therefore, you should put a plan in place that explicitly states how you will divide (or share) Halloween.
  1. Trick-or-treat together: If you can get along with your ex, one of the easiest ways to handle this day would be to take the kids out trick-or-treating together. Your children will enjoy having you both around and, with double the chaperones, you can make sure your kids stay safe.
  1. Split trick-or-treating: It is not always possible for exes to be around each other, especially if the divorce was particularly nasty. Under these circumstances, you could split trick-or-treating, giving your children the opportunity to get even more treats.
  1. Make costumes: Even though you are no longer together, you and your ex can still coordinate costumes. Ask your children if there is a particular theme that they are excited about and go from there. For example, you could all dress up as characters from the same movie.
  1. Start new traditions: Unfortunately, not all parents are able to work together. To avoid unnecessary conflict that could potentially hurt your children, it would be best not to share this day. Of course, this does not mean you cannot get into the Halloween spirit when your ex has the children. Celebrate Halloween with your kids on a different day by watching scary (and age-appropriate) movies, telling ghost stories in the dark, or carving pumpkins together.

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