How Long Does the Adoption Process Take?

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When considering adopting, one of the most frequently asked questions is “how long will it be until we will have the child in our arms?” Although it is a frequent question, there is no definitive answer for any couple. The timeline of an adoption process depends on the type of adoption you engage in as well as the unique factors surrounding the adopting couple and adopted child. Your Florida Adoption Attorney can discuss with you the different methods of adoption and provide general timelines for the process and for when your family may be complete.

If you are engaging in adopting out of the foster care system, or the Department of Children and Families, the process is commonly completed within a year. With the Department, you must complete certain training classes, background checks, and home studies prior to every adoption. However, if the child you intend to adopt from the Department is not yet eligible for adoption, there may need to be a court proceeding terminating the parental rights to a child from the legal parents. This process can be in depth if the parents do not wish to waive their parental rights. Therefore, the timeline for such an adoption will be significantly extended depending upon the court battle that may ensue.

If you are adopting a child through a private entity, the timeline may be extended due to certain requirements imposed on the couple by the agency. For instance, in a private adoption you will need to complete an adoptive family profile, engage in a home study and a background check. Then, the agency will review your application and determine your eligibility to become an “active family.” If you become an active family, you will then be placed within the “book” or database of prospective families and you will have to patiently wait until a birth mother chooses you. This wait can never be definitively measured at the beginning of your process, as it all depends upon the birth mother’s choice. However, after being chosen, you will then need to wait until the child is born, as these adoptions occur with children in utero, which could be anywhere from 1 month to 9. Finally, after the child is born and placed with you and your family, you will still need to complete a number of post placement visits with the agency before the adoption becomes finalized. Therefore, these adoptions can take a great deal of time in comparison to other adoption options.

Each adoption is different and therefore, the timeline for each can vary. However, if you are entering the adoption realm you will need an experienced Florida Adoption Attorney to walk you through this process and ensure your rights to your child are protected and contracts and legal documents are finalized and complete. Ensure you and your future family are protected with the employment of a Virga Law Firm Florida Adoption Attorney.

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