Why You Need to Avoid a “Do It Yourself” Divorce

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Divorce can be an incredibly stressful, expensive, and emotional legal experience. Oftentimes, the looming pressure of courtroom litigation leads couples to consider alternative divorce options. For example, some spouses turn to mediators while others participate in peaceful collaborative divorces. Alternatively, there are some couples undergoing high-asset or high-conflict divorce cases who welcome (or need) the intervention of a judge. Regardless, these different divorce possibilities all have something in common: the spouses have legal representatives who can effectively guide them through the divorce process.

Each marriage has its own unique family dynamics, financial apprehensions, and child custody concerns. Before a divorce can be finalized, married couples need to divide their assets, allocate their debts, determine a parenting plan, and figure out how to survive on a single income. With so many floating financial anxieties, it’s understandable that some couples ponder an inadvisable “Do It Yourself” (DIY) divorce.

While you can find information about anything on the internet, it doesn’t necessarily make you an expert. A DIY divorce can remove the attorney fees, but it also takes away your greatest legal ally. A knowledgeable attorney can review your paperwork for accuracy, successfully represent your case, and negotiate a favorable divorce settlement on your behalf. If you want to be financially prepared for the next chapter of your life, you’re going to need an attorney.

Planning for the Future

To their benefit, most people don’t understand the overall divorce process, let alone how a divorce settlement can thoroughly impact their lives for many years to come. Only a lawyer experienced in divorce and family law can truly understand the financial and legal consequences of each divorce determination. Plus, an attorney can help you develop a divorce settlement that takes various state and federal tax considerations into account.

Without legal advisement, you may:

  • Split property and assets disproportionately
  • Divide assets and property without considering marital and separate property
  • Pay exorbitant child or spousal support payments
  • Not receive adequate child or spousal support payments
  • Develop an unfair parenting plan

While post-divorce modifications are available, they will cost you money because you’re going to need a lawyer to effectively develop a courtroom strategy that proves your modification is necessary. If you’re going to get divorced, it’s best to do it right the first time. You may not want to pay attorney fees, but you’ll pay much more in the future if you don’t get the guidance your case requires.

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