Three Factors Florida Courts Consider When Determining Child Custody

When a couple decides to file for divorce and children are involved, there is a wide range of factors that must be considered so both parties and their children can live comfortably. One of the most important matters that must be handled includes child custody, which is determined by a variety of factors, such as those listed below:

1. The Child’s Physical Needs

In Florida, the courts will examine which parent is most fit to care for the child’s physical needs. In most cases, a judge will do everything in their power to ensure the parent with custody can provide the following:

  • A place to sleep
  • Personal hygiene essentials
  • Water
  • Food

2. The Communication Skills of the Parents

It is common for individuals to experience high levels of stress and anxiety during the divorce process. However, it is important for couples with shared children to maintain healthy communication skills during the separation process in order to safeguard the wellbeing of children involved. In Florida, courts will ensure parents have the proper communication skills to care for the child. In fact, courts may consider the following factors:

  • Whether a parent will attend the extracurricular activities of the child
  • Whether a parent will help the child maintain a relationship with the other parent
  • Whether a parent will respect the time-sharing schedule awarded by the court

3. The Emotional Needs of the Child

One of the most important factors that a court will consider during a divorce process involving a child includes the emotional wellbeing of the child. This is because Florida courts want to ensure that children are able to develop in a healthy manner. As a result, the court will ensure parents are fit to care for a child’s emotions by examining a parent’s relationships with:

  • Friends
  • Teachers
  • The parents of the child’s classmates or friends
  • Medical care providers
  • Extended family members

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