Tips for a Good Co-parenting Relationship


Whether you have been separated from your child’s parent for a great deal of time, or you are just recently entering the realm of coparenting, there are many items that you may wish to have drawn out for you on how to maintain a good coparenting relationship. A coparenting relationship can be one of the most difficult relationships to navigate as it typically involves an ex-partner whom you may not have a healthy history with, as well as your child, whom you desire to protect. Both relationships are filled with emotion, which makes coparenting a difficult area to infiltrate with logic rather than emotion. Your Florida Child Custody Attorney has complied a list of tips that you may want to implement in your coparenting relationship to aid in its sustainability for your child.

First, it is important to be flexible with schedules. Although you probably spent a great deal of time determining your parenting plan to the very last-minute detail, at times you may need to be open to change. There will be times that your ex has a vacation planned with extended family that overlaps into your designated timesharing, and rather than letting it turn into a custody battle, be open to the idea of switching certain days. If you are able to alter your mindset from, “I’m losing time with my children,” to “I will be gaining extra time with them later on.” You will be able to openly handle these times when schedules conflict, with ease, and remove the emotional aspect from it. Further, if you can handle their schedule changes with grace, you can then can expect the same respect in return when you need a change in the existing plan to support your events. By simply being available and open to certain changes, allows the dynamic of your relationship to remain peaceful and cooperative.

Limit the amount of arguments you exchange with your coparent. Determine which battles are important in comparison to the ones that simply will not change the situation and will only cause tension. If you need to address an issue with your coparent do so directly and calmly. Do not involve the children and ensure that you are in private where they cannot overhear the conversation occurring.

When communicating with your coparent, to eliminate the emotional ties and possibility of arguments, keep the exchanges short. Provide the necessary information required about schedules or a child’s grades or achievements and do not allow the conversation to turn sour. Maintaining a positive communication surrounding the child is the best way to communicate with an ex as to not involve the emotional aspect of a past relationship.

Finally, respect the other parent’s time with the children. When exchanging the children, don’t give the other parent a list of dos and don’ts. Parenting styles are different and they are entitled to raise their children in the way they desire just as you are. Further, don’t bombard the children with phone calls during their time with their parent. Call at your designated time and allow them to focus on the time with their parent.

These tips, compiled by your Florida Child Custody Attorney, can be used in many different aspects of your coparenting relationship. However, you may need to alter them slightly to fit your specific family dynamic. This relationship is crucial to the wellbeing of your child and a great deal of effort should be put towards maintaining a healthy coparent dynamic.

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