How Does a Divorce Affect Your Health?

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Outside of the financial effects a divorce brings upon an individual there are many physical, emotional, and mental health side effects a divorce can have on your overall wellbeing. It is important to take care of yourself in every aspect during this process, as neglect can have long lasting effects on your health. If you are experiencing any health concerns surrounding your divorce, speak to your Florida Divorce Attorney, and they may be able to offer some suggestions to properly take care of yourself during this stressful time.

One of the main issues surrounding a divorce is the elevated level of stress that follows such a difficult process. With increased stress, the body can attempt to cope with the stress in many different ways, however, most come in physical manifestations. Therefore, couples going through a divorce will experience weakened immune systems, resulting in more reported cases of colds and flus. Further, divorced couples report experiencing severe weight changes, both increases and decreases, throughout the process. Although a decrease in immune systems, and weight gain or loss may seem slight, these combinations can begin to take a toll on the body. For instance, men engaging in a divorce have reported higher incidences of cancer, heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke. Similarly, women who are divorced have a 24% increase in their risk of a heart attack. However, health does not only include physical ailments, but also your emotional and psychological wellbeing. When engaging in a divorce, individuals report feelings of guilt, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or identity crisis. It is important to recognize and acknowledge any of these symptoms you may be experiencing and handle them appropriately. They are common, and there are ways to properly care for yourself during this process through the help of medical professionals or even friends and family.

However, in combination with stress, researchers attribute the physical, mental, and emotional health issues with the significant financial changes that subsequently follow a divorce as well as the loss in friends or support system. Therefore, with financial worry, individuals will fail to make doctor appointments for physical or mental ailments, due to their fear of the ability to pay such costs. Further, without other resources to speak to about their emotional health, their issues only begin to multiply. Take time to care for yourself. Set aside time to discuss with your close friends your feelings and emotions through this process. Some people engage in groups who are experiencing the same life transition. Further, budget in the costs of counseling or medical appointments, to your monthly expenses. Without taking care of your health properly, you and your family will suffer.

Although, there are many negative side effects that a divorce may have on your health, still people report positive attributes as well. Many find their new identity outside of their marriage and rediscover themselves, their interests, what brings them happiness. If involved in an unhappy marriage, you can be held down in negativity for years and forget your own happiness and joy that life can bring you. Further, the feeling of relief is one that is unexplainable for many individuals after a divorce has concluded. The release of an unhealthy, or unhappy marriage, can bring along with it, a release of a great deal of stress and uncertainty and further empower the individuals to seek out a new path for themselves.

Although, there are both negative and positive aspects relating to your health during a divorce, it is important to remember not everyone engaging in a divorce has the same reaction. Therefore, acknowledge your own experiences and take care of yourself. Our Florida Divorce Attorneys always encourage you to keep in touch with your personal health, physical, mental, and emotional, during your divorce process because taking care of you and protecting your wellbeing is our job.

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