How Can I Aid in my Divorce Proceedings?

Signing paperwork

When you hire a lawyer to handle your divorce, this does not dispose of your responsibility or involvement in your proceedings. Although, your Orlando Divorce Attorney will handle a great deal of the work involved in your divorce such as scheduling, filing, strategy, motions, arguments, or correspondence, there are ways you can assist in your divorce to ensure a timely and effective conclusion to your case.

Rely only on your Orlando Divorce Attorney’s legal advice and not other individuals. You have hired your attorney to guide and represent you during this process. They have significant experience and knowledge of the statutory requirements involved in a divorce and come from a place of logic. In contrast, others, such as friends or family, typically have no legal experience or have only participated in their own divorce, and only come from an emotional standpoint. When you listen to the ideas of other individuals not legally trained, or up to date on your specific case, you could be led astray and certain actions could significantly harm your case. Although you may not like some of the legal facts your attorney presents to you, it is important to remember that you hired your Orlando Divorce Attorney for their professional expertise, therefore, be willing to listen to the issues that they bring to your attention and their methods on how to overcome them and do not seek secondary advice.   

Review all documents prepared by you and your attorney thoroughly. The documents prepared by you and your Orlando Divorce Attorney are critical to your divorce and claims. Most documents are filed with the court, and amendments of documents filed with the court can be difficult to obtain. Further, each document provided is sworn to for its accuracy, therefore, false claims or information in a document can result in severe penalties. Therefore, it is important to review the documents presented to you closely to ensure their accuracy of your information.

Respond to communications promptly. Throughout your divorce, information and opinions will be needed from you. This may include, responding to a settlement offer or providing your financial information, property assets, tax returns and signing documents for the court. If your Orlando Divorce Attorney contacts you with a request of information or question regarding your viewpoint, respond promptly. Prompt responses allow your case to timely proceed and prevent contempt orders being entered against you for not timely responding to a court’s or party’s request.

Attempt to be flexible and cooperative. Although divorces can bring out a strong sense of hostility and emotions, clouding your judgment when it comes to your spouse, it is important to attempt to be cooperative. If you desire to remain outside of a courtroom, it is important to approach negotiations or mediations with some flexibility and a cooperative spirit. This will allow you to see the options available to achieve your desired outcome and results.

During your consultation with your Orlando Divorce Attorney ask them in what ways you will be required to participate and other ways that you can assist in your divorce. Establishing up front your expectations of your attorney as well as their expectations from you will provide a healthy foundation for your attorney client relationship.

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