Can I Still Get a Divorce in Quarantine?

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Whether you were considering a divorce prior to the coronavirus outbreak, or the quarantine has resulted in the magnification of your existing marital issues and you are now seeking out the option of divorce, it is important to know that you are still able to obtain a divorce amid these uncertain times. At the Virga Law Firm, our offices are still open and we are accepting new clients every day. Contact your attorney today to discuss your specific case and to begin the divorce process.

While in quarantine you can still obtain a divorce, and you can even use this time in quarantine to your advantage. Use this time in quarantine to compile your necessary documents. Gather copies of your tax returns, pay stubs, deeds to property, copies of retirement accounts, life insurance policies, bank account information and any other financials that will need to be distributed or considered by you and your spouse during the divorce process. Further, you can gather an inventory of the personal property shared between you and your spouse, such as jewelry, artwork, furniture, TVs, and note which items you may need to value to and determine, which pieces are important for you to keep possession of.

You may also choose this time in quarantine to attempt a negotiation with your spouse. If your spouse is agreeable, you may be able to discuss certain topics of the divorce and be able to amicably resolve issues. However, this is only available to certain couples as it can become hostile and aggressive when discussing such sensitive topics. Therefore, if you do not feel comfortable to discuss these issues with your spouse you may also leave the negotiations to your attorneys.

When in quarantine with your spouse, it will be important to find safe and secure areas and forms of communication with your attorney. However, when quarantining with your spouse, such private communications and spaces may be difficult to come by. If this is your case, you may reach out to your lawyer and seek out an in person meeting instead of a video conference or phone call. We are having in person client meetings with certain precautions. However, if you still wish to have phone consultations, or video calls you may seek out private spaces in your vehicle, parking lots, or in the safety of close family’s homes. Further, if you are communicating with your attorney over email, ensure you have your settings properly set to secure these messages. It may also be important to change passwords to ensure they are not available to your spouse. You may even go as far to ensure that your iCloud preferences are changed and your devices in your home are not shared.

During these uncertain times, it is important to find and experienced lawyer. Use your time in quarantine wisely. Find spaces where you can privately consult with your attorney and seek out education and advice during these times. The courts and law offices are open, so you do not need to stall or hesitate on your decision to begin your divorce process due to the quarantine. Assess your own needs and relationship and talk openly with your lawyer.

Speaking to an attorney at our Orlando office is free of charge, and we accept calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us at 407-512-0887 or complete an online contact form to get in touch with a member of our team today.

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