What Are Four Qualities I Should Look for in a Florida Divorce Lawyer?

lawyer reviewing a divorce agreement

Divorce is a difficult affair. Facing it without a knowledgeable Florida Family Law Attorney can be a nightmare. While many people choose to represent themselves, most do not have knowledge of how to present evidence in a Court of law, what the state of Florida laws are regarding child custody and child support, or how the general process goes. With dozens or even hundreds of attorneys’ listings in your area, how do you choose the right attorney to help you get through the complicated process?

A quick google search will bring up numerous attorneys in your area that could handle your case. Choosing the right one can be quite a challenge. When narrowing down the field, there are four qualities you should look for before choosing your Florida Family Law Attorney

An Experienced Florida Family Law Attorney

Education is important, but you should rely on a practitioner who has actual courtroom experience. Find anFlorida Family Law Attorney who has dealt with cases similar to yours. Some lawyers cover many types of cases which may cause them to be unfamiliar with the most recent caselaw and training that would benefit your case. If a counselor handles divorce infrequently, it is easy for them to overlook items that would be beneficial to you, and many may simply be unaware of recent changes to the law. Having considerable knowledge in Florida family law is imperative. A lawyer might have a previous divorce under their belt, but each case is distinct. The attorney you select should regularly practice in the area, as local rules, procedures and judicial preferences can all add a level of complexity to your case that the un-initiated may not be equipped tohangle

Honest Appraisal of Your Family Law Case

When you approach an Florida Family Law Attorney, you should expect to receive an honest assessment of your case. Attorneys cannot provide guarantees or Your attorney should tell you upfront that there will be compromises.

An honest attorney should offer a realistic picture of what you can expect from the process and suggest ways for you to exit the relationship in a financially stable and amicable position. Your divorce will not end at the courthouse for many of you; your children and spouses will continue to be in your lives and may even want the same: minimizing the adversarial tone between the parties.

Various rules of ethics prevent attorneys from providing guaranties or assurances of future performances in Court to prospective clients; however, call today to speak with our Florida Family Law Attorneys to see what is realistic and reasonable under the facts of your case.

Willingness to Negotiate

Negotiations are a vital part of any divorce proceeding. In the state of Florida, mediations are required for nearly all family law cases. Very rarely is a divorce cut and dry. There will be many aspects that couples will have to compromise on. Many mediators will agree – if both parties leave the mediation happy, then something is wrong; in a proper mediation, both parties give up something in return for something else.

Skilled and Experienced Trial Lawyer

Trial is often an unfortunate necessity. You will need to be know that your lawyer is skilled in the courtroom and has experience taking cases like yours to trial. You need to know that your trial lawyer is committed to fighting for your case and capable of properly presenting your family law case to the court.

Your Tallahassee Family Law Attorney will be willing and able to hammer out the terms of your divorce, rather than just asking the court to decide these items for you. Our attorneys can provide invaluable advice during this difficult time, and help come up with fair, realistic requests during the negotiation/mediation phases.


Divorce can be one of the most difficult things you will ever go through. The process can be mentally, physically and emotionally draining at times. You may want to find an Florida Family Law Attorney who understands and cares about your emotional well being, and who will treat you like a person and not just another opportunity for a paycheck. Others, may prefer a very upfront, all-business approach. Call our Florida Family Law Attorneys today at 800-822-5170 to speak with our team of attorneys and see which one is the best fit for you and your case.

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