Modifying Child Support for Military Parents

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Divorce can be an exceptionally complicated legal process for both active duty and reserve servicemembers. This is particularly true in matters relating to child custody and child support determinations. In fact, negotiations can sometimes become so convoluted that it prolongs the entire divorce process.

This is because servicemembers can be deployed overseas and their financial situations may vary depending on their active duty status. The court accounts for this by allowing servicemembers to modify their child custody agreements or make specific arrangements for times when they are deployed. Luckily, modifications are also available for child support payments.

Oftentimes, a servicemember’s child support payments are based on a stable civilian job that provides a sufficient salary. However, upon deployment, servicemembers must settle for a military salary that may or may not provide sufficient child support funding. When servicemembers fall behind on payments or fail to make payments entirely, they may face disciplinary action and severe legal consequences.

Any parent can seek a child support modification in Florida so long as they can prove they are experiencing a significant change in their financial circumstances. The court always considers the needs of the child and the financial situations of both parents before deciding to increase or decrease the calculated payment. This is because child support provides for a child’s basic needs and ensures they thrive in a financially-stable environment.

Modify Your Child Support Order Today

The best way to provide for your child and avoid potential legal penalties is to modify your child support order prior to being deployed. Our experienced attorneys can guide you through the request process, help you file the correct paperwork, and develop a reasonable argument that reinforces your need for a child support modification.

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