5 Ways to Prepare for Divorce

Did you file for divorce? Was your spouse the one who served divorce papers to you? No matter who initiated the divorce proceedings, you know that the future ahead will look very different than it does now. Many aspects of your life will change, and that can be a difficult adjustment for many people.

How to Prepare for the Road Ahead

Some couples know that their marriage might be headed for divorce. It may have been a thought brewing in the back of both of their minds. Some might have even discussed it. However, once you file the divorce petition or receive the papers, the news can still feel unexpected

There are some steps you can take to ensure you take care of yourself first. Before you make the decision to divorce, you can help align the situation favorably.

1. Place all of your finances in order.

Divorce hits the pocket the hardest. When you have a thorough overview of all your financial records—from pay stubs to W2’s and other income tax forms, you should know exactly how what you owe and what you have. This makes it easier for your Panama City divorce attorney to assist in creating the plan for your divorce proceeding.

2. Update your will and your inheritors.

Whom do you expect will receive your estate if you become incapacitated or after you’ve passed away? Make sure that all of our wills, trusts, estate plans and other assets are carefully planned out and that your intended beneficiaries are included. It is also a good idea to revisit these documents at a later point, especially if you remarry or have more children.

3. Have a reserve of money tucked away.

Your reserve can help cover any unexpected expenses that you may come across over the course of the divorce process. It can help provide for you, if you lose your job, for example, or your child becomes ill unexpectedly. It also helps if you were the lesser-earning spouse; sometimes, higher-earning spouses will close accounts or bar the other spouse from accessing their funds once they know that they will be divorcing.

4. Consider keeping a journal.

Not only is divorce stressful on you financially, but it is also an incredibly emotional experience for all involved. In your journal, you can document the day to day about your relationship with your children, or your spouse’s lack of it, as examples. The notes you leave in these journals may offer valuable insight to the judge when deciding on matters such as custody, child support, spousal support.

5.Seek outside sources of support.

Whether it is a friend, a relative, or another confidant, it helps to have someone with whom you can be completely open. You have a chance to express yourself completely with your confidant. It might also be helpful to have a therapist, which allows you a non-judgmental and confidential atmosphere for you to express your feelings.

If you have any further questions about how you can prepare for divorce, please do not hesitate to discuss your case with a Panama City divorce lawyer. I, Attorney Virga, have more than a decade of experience and am a proven advocate in helping my clients overcome any obstacles they might face.

When you are ready, please schedule an appointment with me by calling (850) 257-7086.

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