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Pensacola Family Law Attorneys Handling Name Change Cases

Our Pensacola family law attorneys are often retained to aid clients with their name change request. Our firm has experience representing clients in various name change cases available under Florida law.

Pensacola courts grant name changes in the following circumstances:

  • Name change connected to a divorce proceeding;
  • Name changes for minor children; and
  • Name changes for adults not connected to a divorce proceeding.

Name Change Connected to Pensacola Divorce Proceedings

It is common for one party to restore their last name to their maiden name in a divorce case. In these situations, your attorney will simply alert the court of your desire to restore your name in the divorce petition itself, or in the final judgment. After the final judgment is entered in your case, it will possess the appropriate language restoring your name. The final judgment will act similar to your marriage license and allow you to have your name changed at the DMV and social security office.

Name Change of a Minor Child

Another example of our Pensacola attorneys helping clients with their name change case is when a parent has petitioned the court to change the name of their child. Just like with any other family law case, the court will use the best interests of the child standard to determine whether legally changing your child’s name is appropriate. Let our Pensacola attorneys assist you in navigating this statutory standard to ensure the name change is correctly and efficiently pursued on your behalf.

Name Change of an Adult Unrelated to Divorce

Name changes unrelated to divorce or a minor child are a separate legal proceeding and require some preparation. For example, Florida name changes will require the parties perform a background check and have their fingerprints taken by law enforcement prior to filing for the name change. The background check and fingerprint card will need to be filed along you’re your petition asking the court to change your name.

Furthermore, your petition for name change must include the following information about yourself:

  • Date and place of birth
  • Mother's maiden name
  • Father's full name
  • Proof of residency in the State of Florida and the County in which you filed your name change case
  • Any previous name changes
  • Your occupation, place of employment and previous employment
  • Previous bankruptcy cases you have filed
  • Any previous criminal history you may have
  • A statement that the name change is being done for lawful purposes

The family law attorneys at the Pensacola office can assist you with navigating your name change case through the court system. If you are in need of an experienced litigator to help you pursue your name change claim, call our office today and schedule your same day consultation.