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Going through a divorce—also known as dissolution of marriage in Florida—can be one of the most emotionally overwhelming experiences of your life. The choice to file for divorce is an extremely tough choice, especially if children are involved. Additionally, the legal process can be quite complex, leaving you vulnerable to pitfalls that can have a negative impact on your final divorce agreement. That is why it is important to obtain experienced legal representation from a compassionate lawyer.

At The Virga Law Firm, P.A., our Destin family law attorneys are committed to ensuring your rights and best interests are protected throughout the divorce process. We can get to know you as a person, evaluate your situation, listen to your concerns, determine your available legal options, and help you obtain the most favorable outcome possible. Let us help you start your next chapter in life.

Grounds for a Florida Divorce

Florida is considered a no-fault state, meaning that you do not need to prove your spouse was at fault or committed bad behavior. Either spouse can file for divorce and describe their marriage as “irretrievably broken” (i.e. you cannot get along with your spouse any longer). However, if fault or wrongdoing is cited when filing for divorce, the courts can take this into consideration when determining alimony.

Filing for Divorce

In order to file for divorce in Florida, one spouse must be a resident in the state for at least six months before. Couples must file for divorce in the county they currently reside and are not required to live separately before filing for divorce.

The first form to file is known as the “Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.” While the spouse filing for divorce is the “petitioner,” the other spouse is the “respondent.” The petitioner must serve a copy of the filed petition to the respondent. Within 45 days of the date the petition is served, the state requires the petitioner to submit a financial affidavit to the respondent.

Types of Divorce

The two main types of divorce are contested and uncontested divorce. If a couple cannot agree on one or more terms of a divorce and the divorce proceedings are contentious, it is considered a contested divorce. By contrast, when a couple agrees on every term of the divorce and wishes to end the marriage amicably, it is an uncontested divorce or a simplified dissolution of marriage. Uncontested divorces typically take a few months to complete, while a contested divorce can take up to a year or two.

The following are the most common issues addressed in divorce:

  • Alimony
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Property division

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