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Temporary Child Custody in Destin

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Co-parenting is ideal for most divorcing spouses, but in some cases it just isn’t conducive to a healthy environment for children. The majority of these cases stem from situations where the constant conflict between parents creates a toxic environment for children living in the home with them. If you are in the midst of a divorce, our Destin family lawyers are committed to protecting the best interests of you and your children. When temporary custody arrangements are made, it will help you and your estranged spouse work out your divorce details.

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What Is Temporary Custody?

The purpose of temporary custody is to place a divorcing couple’s children in the custody of a trusted, non-parent for a set period, usually until the divorce and permanent custody terms are finalized. Usually those granted temporary custody are extended family members, like an uncle or aunt, or the grandparents.

The person or people granted temporary child custody will have temporary parental rights, including:

  • Permission to provide consent for medical treatment
  • Access to education information, birth certificates, medical and dental records
  • Ability to do anything necessary for the child’s care

Consult with a Destin Family Law Attorney

Getting divorced isn’t a simple process for most couples. Our Destin legal team at The Virga Law Firm, P.A. can help you sort out the details surrounding your divorce, including pressing issues such as temporary child custody arrangements. We will help you decide what action to take to protect your child’s emotional wellbeing during your divorce, and whether temporary child custody arrangements are a good plan of action for you.

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