Co-Parenting Tips for the Summer

Now that summer is finally here and the kids are out of school, you and your ex-spouse are likely looking forward to spending some time with them and are thinking up some fun ways to bond with them. If the two of you are not communicating, however, you are likely going to run into some nasty problems and your plans stand a good chance of clashing. Since the last thing you want to do during the summer holiday is spend your time arguing with your ex, it is important that you take a moment to learn more about how you can make this process go much more smoothly.

Below is a list of some tips that will help you effectively plan for the summer with your co-parent, so you can both make the most of it:

  • Coordinate your schedules: There is no way around it. You and your ex both want to spend time with the children, so you need to share your plans with each other in advance instead of springing a trip or activity you want to share with the children at the last minute. Coordinating your schedules will help both of you get the time you want and avoid any unnecessary arguments or having to go to court.
  • Use your parenting plan: Generally, a parenting plan will set forth guidelines regarding how co-parents will handle a summer break, including holiday weekends, so try to rely on it for guidance. If the plan feels out-of-date, however, you and your co-parent might want to consider modifying it to better suit your family’s current needs.
  • Let your kids stay in contact with their parent: Your kids are probably going to miss their other parent and this is totally natural, so do not take it personally. Instead, allow them to continue to communicate with their parent. Just because this is your special time with them does not mean you should try to severely limit their ability to communicate. Remember, this is their summer too, so try not to make this hard for them.
  • Try to be flexible: Negotiating a schedule is probably going to require some compromise from both of you, so try to remember to be flexible while working toward this common goal. If your co-parent wanted to take the kids to a specific event on a certain day and it is possible for you to reschedule your plans, work with him or her on making a readjustment. Never forget that the most important thing now and at any time is the health and happiness of your children, so minimizing conflict as much as possible should be a priority for both of you.
  • Communicate with your children: You and your co-parent might have a lot of ideas about what you want to do, but you should both talk to your children and keep them in the loop. What do they want to do for the summer? Assuming their ideas are reasonable, let them have a say in it.

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