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Child custody tends to be a point of great contention before, during, and after divorce. It can become even more contentious if you or your spouse is unhappy with the terms of your custody agreement. Making such changes can be especially challenging in cases of joint custody, but our experienced divorce lawyers and family law attorneys at The Virga Law Firm, P.A. are here to help you through the process.

Different Kinds of Joint Custody

Joint custody is about as close as it gets to 50/50 parenting after divorce. However, it doesn’t always divide all parental responsibility down the middle. There are two forms of joint custody:

  • Joint Physical Custody: Joint physical custody is a parenting arrangement in which a child (or children) spend approximately equal time with both parents. Depending on the case, it can take the form of weekends with Mom and weekdays with Dad, vice versa, or something similar, as well as equal time during holidays, birthdays, and other important events. This typically only works for divorced parents who live near one another.
  • Joint Legal Custody: Having legal custody over a child means you are responsible for making decisions about how they will be raised, what activities they participate in, and so on. If a couple shares legal custody over a child, it means they are both responsible for such decisions and are therefore required to make them together. If one spouse strong-arms the other after divorce by unilaterally making important decisions about their child’s well-being, the parent who is being forcibly left out can petition the court to reinforce the terms of your custody agreement.

Can I Change My Custody Agreement?

You most certainly can. One of the best ways to obtain a child custody agreement you are happy with is by involving a skilled divorce attorney on your side during your split, before custody is finalized. However, if you are already divorced and seek to alter the terms of your custody agreement, you may do so. In order to make the changes you want, you will need competent, experienced legal representatives on your side to help you.

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