Why Should I Hire a Lawyer for my Family Law Matter?


In any legal matter, you have the option of representing yourself and forgoing the expense of employing an attorney. However, in a family law situation, hiring a lawyer to represent you and your interests may pay dividends in your situation. Some may believe they would save money by foregoing an attorney, however, there are many aspects to a dissolution of marriage without the aid of an experienced professional Florida Family Law Attorney, you could be placing yourself in a vulnerable situation.  

One obvious benefit to hiring a Florida Family Law Attorney to represent you, is their in depth knowledge of the law. Within a family law case, there are strict timelines for filings as well as responses. There are also specific procedures followed prior to entering a courtroom or setting a hearing date. An individual who has never seen this process would be unfamiliar with the numerous statutes, affidavits, motions, discovery, and communication between the parties necessary for a single family law matter. However, the importance of these laws is critical. If you miss a deadline for a filing, your case may be dismissed or a default may be entered against you, removing you from notice of the action. Further, if you fail to respond to a motion for request, the court may find you in contempt which may result in serious legal penalties such as fines or jail time. Finally, if you are unaware of the information you are able to request from your partner you could be missing crucial evidence that will aid in your case. Your Florida Divorce Attorney will be able to provide you with a schedule to complete documents as well as explain the contents of each. They will ensure you understand the information you are providing as well as the importance of the deadlines. Further, if your spouse neglects to complete any of the requirements of the court, they will be able to discuss with you the options available to you to ensure they comply. Finally, they will be able to keep the case on a timely track. They will be able to contact opposing counsel, as well as the judicial assistants, or mediators to ensure the case is flowing and not at a standstill to ensure a timely resolution.

Further, your Florida Divorce Attorney will be able to provide you with experienced and objective information and advice at a time when you may be clouded by the waves of emotions you may experience. Any family law matter is saturated with all kinds of reactions. Whether they be anger, sadness, fear, pain, happiness, or relief; emotions have the ability to greatly cloud the logical sense of our brains. Therefore, if you allow a Florida Family Law Attorney to evaluate your case, they will be able to look at your situation with fresh eyes. They can use their knowledge of Florida Statutes, case law, and previous experience to discuss with you the likely outcome of your case and the necessary steps to take in order to achieve these goals. Beyond the initial consultation, your Florida Family Law Attorney will be there to ensure your emotions do not take over, but remind you of the end goal and your priorities in this situation.

If you are entering a divorce, do not go through this complicated legal process alone. Employ the help of an experienced Florida Family Law Attorney to walk you through this process and alleviate the stress that comes along with such a process.

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