What Should A Person Know if They are in an Abusive Relationship?

Abusive Relationship

Abuse used to be a taboo topic that many were embarrassed to discuss or reveal to others. Although, still extremely difficult to expose, the topic has become more approachable as laws have become harsher on domestic violence and the society has sought to protect abuse victims. Statistics reveal, almost 30% of women and 10% of men have experienced physical abuse from a partner, almost 50% of people have experienced psychological aggression by a partner, and in most cases these forms of abuse are occurring by the same offender. If you fall into these unfortunate, yet common categories, and are experiencing any form of abuse in your marriage for the first time or it is a reoccurring event, know your options, contact an Orlando Divorce Attorney to assist you in your protection and moving forward from this abusive past.

The first step is recognizing such abuse. Some individuals do not realize they are in such a harmful relationship because it is their normal and have not experienced anything different. They feel as though it is a simple cycle that they can control and they are aware and are able to calm their partner, and wait out the abuse. However, this is not a healthy relationship. Even further, many find it difficult to recognize these abusive tendencies because they have been so beaten down, emotionally, physically, and psychologically isolated that they feel as though they cannot rely on anyone. This is not true. There are countless resources for abuse victims to utilize in every situation. A simple phone call to a hotline, to a friend, or family member can remind you that you are not alone and your health and safety should be top priority in every relationship. If you are unsure, that certain actions rise to the level of abuse reach out and discuss these concerns with a trusted third party. Many find the National Domestic Violence Hotline to be of incredible aid, as they do not have to feel embarrassed revealing such intimate details with a close friend, rather, they have an anonymous individual to discuss these instances with. These calls are free and confidential.

Cycles of abuse tend to follow the same pattern. Tensions will rise, and controlling behaviors tend to increase, even as the abused victim attempts to minimize the items that trigger their partners. This may look like, avoiding certain topics, ensuring clothes are properly cleaned, or avoiding inserting an opinion. However, the tension will hit a peak and the abuser will lash out on their victim in the form of physical, emotional, or psychological abuse. After the abuse, the abuser will make amends and promises to never return to such abusive behavior. The victim becomes complacent and wishes to believe the promises, to salvage their family, relationship, and at times because they believe they deserve such treatment. If you find yourself in fear of your partner, that a single word or lack of action may set them into an abusive spiral, you must be strong and recognize that such fear is not what any human deserves, especially from an individual who they love.

After recognizing the abuse, many are fearful to leave because of the repercussions that their spouse may take. Some spouses threaten to hurt their victims further if they leave, or withdraw financial support, or even restrict their time with their children. However, these claims are false and with the help of your Orlando Divorce Attorney we can ensure you are financially, physically, and emotionally protected from this abuse. You Orlando Divorce Attorney can seek legal action to protect you and your children from your abusive spouse throughout the divorce proceedings and after their conclusion.

However, even after leaving such an abusive relationship it is important to still seek help. Abusive relationships can have temporary physical effects however, the emotional reproductions can be difficult battles to overcome. Discuss with your medical professionals and receive counseling services individually, or with others who have experienced similar abuse. Being able to discuss openly and honestly the abuse can help you overcome such traumatic times.

Ending a relationship is never easy and removing yourself from an abusive one may be even more difficult. However, you deserve a life free from fear. If you have found yourself in an abusive marriage, divorce is most likely the right choice. To start the process of ending your marriage, contact an Orlando Divorce Attorney who can fight for you and your protection.

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