Will Your Name Automatically Change When You Get a Divorce?

When couples embark on a marriage, a spouse often changes her surname. Likewise, the desire to revert back to one’s maiden name understandably arises in the aftermath of a divorce. This is not something that will automatically change, but rather something you have to actively seek, though the process varies by state.

Generally, this is an easy request to make of a divorce court judge. You would enter a formal order to restore your name to your maiden name and, once the divorce is finalized and contains this order, no further action will be required of you. To obtain proof of your name restoration, make sure you get a certified copy of the court order. You can use this to get your name changed on ID cards, bank accounts, magazine subscriptions, and anything else you might need or want your restored name to appear on.

If the Divorce Decree Does Not Contain the Order to Restore Your Name

If your divorce is finalized, but does not contain the order to restore your name, you can still attempt to get the court order to include the language that would result in your name change. Many states allow this even after the divorce has been finalized. If this is not possible, it is still likely you will be able to restore your old name by providing documentation of your maiden name, such as a birth certificate or passport. Some states make it even easier by simply requiring that you only start using your old name again and request for it to be changed on all personal records.

While taking on a completely new name has more requirements, steps, and possible complications, you will find that restoring your maiden name is a much simpler process.

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