Is There a Correlation Between Coronavirus and Divorce?

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As countries and communities across the world begin to slowly exit quarantine and enter society, some countries have seen a sudden and significant increase in the number of couples seeking divorces. Specifically, as China has begun to loosen their quarantine or lockdown restraints, those coming to the courts to file for divorce has increased, with some attorneys reporting at least a 25% increase in business. Although a majority of the United States is still under certain quarantine orders, we can take notes from other countries ahead of us in lockdown procedures to see how this novel virus may affect us here in America, and what reasons may cause this quarantine to result in the significant uptick.

When quarantine procedures became enacted, many believed that the time spent with their family would draw them together and remind them of why they fell in love with their partner to begin with. However, if you are in a relationship where marital problems are already prevalent, those issues have the capability of becoming larger and more apparent when you are continuously confronted with them on a daily or even hourly basis, when confined to your home. For instance, if you and your partner struggled with financial constraints prior to the shutdown, and then a spouse lost their job, or your family business had to shut down during the peak of the virus, your stress surrounding those same financial issues will become even more prevalent. Further, seeing your spouse sitting on the couch and not working to aid in the financial struggle could only bring a fight to the surface. Another common argument couples have during quarantine is the childcare aspect involved in a time when both parents and children are confined to the home 24/7. During this time, discrepancies in childcare and household tasks done by each spouse will become even more apparent and cause disruption and arguments between a couple. The common excuses used by spouses outside of quarantine, is their lack of time due to their career to participate in childcare or household chores. However, when you are home witnessing your spouse not working, anger and resentment can build as you realize there is a difference in the amount of work put in by either spouse.

Further, even issues that you did not realize may have existed in your relationship may become apparent after a significant amount of time spent together. Whether, financial stressors existed prior to the coronavirus outbreak or not, finances may have become a significant stressor on your relationship during the quarantine as your loss of income put fear into the situation. Without, proper communication a couple could find these stressors to be detrimental. Finally, with the constant time spent together, arguments can occur at any moment and more often. Without, the ability to remove yourself from the situation, and calm down from a heated argument, couples may experience domestic violence. As other violent crimes have decreased, the reports of domestic violence have only increased during the coronavirus quarantine, resulting in the need for couples to seek legal options to remove and protect themselves.

It would seem that coronavirus outbreak and quarantine measures do correlate to the number of divorces between couples. If you are experiencing difficulties in your marriage during this time and are considering divorce, contact a Florida Divorce Attorney today to discuss your options. We are available by phone, video call, or in person consultations.

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