How Can a Person Maintain Health Insurance After a Divorce?

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After a divorce, there are many changes in living situations, financial stability and even healthcare for you to consider. In many family dynamics, a spouse receives health benefits through their employer and enrolls in a family plan to cover their spouse. After a divorce, the spouse will lose this coverage and this may cause significant financial discrepancies and hardships. In contrast, if you have government health insurance you will not lose coverage but your plans or premiums may change based upon your new marital status. The thought of increased premiums or loss of coverage is stressful. However, you do have options available. Contact your Orlando Divorce Attorney for guidance on the loss of insurance and how this will affect your divorce settlement.

If you will be losing your health coverage completely, it is important to note your options. If you are also employed, speak to your employer about their health insurance coverage plans. Make notes of the premiums, co pays and out of pocket expenses as well as the limitations on doctors, prescriptions and services. You may be able to find private insurance elsewhere that fits your needs better, but it is shrewd to begin with your employer and compare and contrast the benefits associated with their insurance vs private parties.

 If you are unemployed, seek out government options. Even though the government, strictly regulates the enrollment of new health insurance coverage; they allow exceptions for significant life changes. A dissolution of marriage falls within this category of significant changes. These plans are based upon your income and once again, it is important to note the details of the policy. Specifically, the cost of the plan, co pays, deductibles and out of pocket expenses.

Your final option is to continue on your current plan under the federal law, Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). This act allows for you to keep your current insurance plan, however, there will be no benefit paid into the plan by your spouse’s employer. Therefore, such plans can become rather expensive. Further, such extension of this health insurance plan under the Act is limited to 36 months. Therefore, you will need to find replacement insurance plans after this time period. Although expensive, many do choose this option due to existing health conditions and doctors covered by their plan. Your Orlando Divorce Attorney will be able to discuss with you the details of the health insurance coverage and which option may best suit your needs.

One of the crucial details when weighing your options in health care coverage is the cost associated with each plan. You must assess your physical health and needs in comparison with what each plan offers. Then, you must note the estimated costs associated with obtaining these new health plans. The costs will aid in your negotiation as this can be calculated in alimony awards or overall settlements. You may be entitled to financial relief to offset the additional insurance costs caused by the impending divorce. Have detailed notes regarding these additional costs with each plan and discuss your needs with your Orlando Divorce Attorney to ensure you are financially prepared for this new healthcare burden.

If you are entering a divorce where your coverage in healthcare may lapse and you are concerned and confused about your options, contact a knowledgeable Orlando Divorce Attorney to help guide you through the process and ensure your health and finances are in order.

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