Statistics Regarding Hiring an Attorney for a Divorce


When considering the divorce process, many believe they can handle the courts and legal process on their own when it comes to the division of their property and family ties. However, some research has provided some insight on those individuals who attempted divorce action on their own and compared it to those who were aided by an experienced Divorce Attorney.

There are many reasons individuals choose to hire an attorney or choose to attempt the process on their own when engaging in a divorce. Studies show that the number and type of unresolved issues between the parties and income levels are two of the key factors behind an individual’s choice to obtain legal counsel for their divorce. Out of the individuals surveyed, 67% opted to have an attorney represent them in some capacity, full or limited, in their case.

When there were no major disagreements between the spouses, a spouse would hire an attorney 33% of the time. However, if at least one issue was unsettled, 52% of couples would obtain counsel. The researchers found there was a direct correlation to the number of issues in dispute between the parties, and the likelihood a party would seek legal counsel. This percentage reached a peak of 76% when there were 4 or more issues that remained unresolved between the couple. Many times, when issues are unresolved and couples are unwilling to compromise, the case will end up before a judge in a trial setting. Therefore, many seek out counsel to represent them in this formal process to eloquently and successfully argue the law that they themselves may have no knowledge of. Further, the type of issue that was being disputed also correlated to the involvement of an attorney. For instance, if a party disputed the division of a business, 70% obtained legal counsel; a home, 66% obtained counsel; alimony, 75% obtained counsel; child custody, 70% obtained counsel; debts 70% obtained counsel; and other property 68% obtained counsel. Therefore, it is important to note the number of disputed issues, and type of issues that surround your case before making a properly informed decision about retaining a lawyer.

Finally, a spouse’s income level may also affect their choice to hire an attorney for their divorce case. Similar to the number of issues, there was a direct correlation between an individual’s income and employment of an attorney. As an individual’s income level rose the chance of hiring an attorney exponentially grew. For instance, those who earned more than $60,000 annually hired an attorney 77% of the time. While those who had an income level of less than $30,000 a year obtained legal representation about half of the time. This also related to the gender of the individuals seeking legal counsel. Women obtained counsel only 61% of the time while their male counterparts averaged a 70%. Researchers correlated this difference to the income disparity between the genders as half of the women made less than $30,000 a year and only 14% of the men made the same amount.

For those who did forego the option of an attorney in their case, 33%, most were still in the middle of their divorce proceedings and only about half were satisfied with their results.

When you are facing a divorce and considering the options of hiring an attorney or going at it alone, we encourage you, before making a final decision to seek out some advice from an experienced Orlando Divorce Attorney to evaluate your case. We will be able to inform you of your rights and the methods in which our experience can assist you.

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