Could Mediation Help Me to Resolve Issues in my Time-Sharing Disputes?

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When having to determine and allocate the amount of time spent with your own child, you may become overwhelmed with emotions and stress. Leaving such important matters up to a judge can add even more to the unknown. Therefore, many parents opt to handle such sensitive matters outside of court and in an informal venue. The most common alternative dispute resolution for these cases is mediation. If you are involved in a custody issue in the Florida, talk with your custody attorney and find out if mediation could be beneficial in your specific situation.

Many have found mediation to be a calm and beneficial resolution to their disputes. Mediation promotes both parties to work together to formulate an appropriate solution to their child custody dispute. Mediation includes all parties, their attorneys and a neutral third-party mediator. This mediator is certified by the state of Florida and is employed to conduct such a process that results in amicable and fair solutions for the parties. This process will typically begin with a brief introduction by the mediator and then proceed with each party in separate rooms divulging their interests to the mediator. All discussions had during mediation are confidential. This is a large draw for mediation, especially when handling such sensitive matters such as child custody. Another benefit to this process is, the amount of control you have in comparison to a courtroom proceeding. You are not bound to agree to anything that you do not feel comfortable with and you are able to focus on the issues important to you and your family. However, it is imperative to go into a mediation with an open mind. A mediation is formulated around a cooperative atmosphere and an open mind is the only way to achieve fair and beneficial solutions. This is a collaborative process filled with negotiation and give and take. You must be able to identify with your lawyer the items that are important to you and those that may be able to be altered.

This process encourages parents to take the first step in their new coparenting relationship and formulate a plan that will benefit and encourage their new family system. While in mediation, the parents of a child will collaboratively determine an agreement that will outline the day to day care of their shared child, a custody arrangement and time sharing plan that determines each day, week, and holiday spent with each parent. The parents can also determine together the decision making process of certain elements of the child’s life, such as religion or education. Parents may implement communication practices that they may have with their child when with the other parent. You will be able to address any concerns or questions you may have during this time and offer solutions to these problems. Mediation is flexible and allows you and your child’s parent to determine what is in fact in your child’s best interest.

This unique approach offers many benefits and alternatives to the litigious courtroom battle. However, it is still important to be represented by an experienced custody attorney to ensure your rights and interests are protected.

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