Why Online Divorce Is a Bad Idea

In today’s day and age, we tend to do everything online, thanks to the supreme convenience and ease with which we are able to complete daily tasks. In fact, some people have even taken to ending their marriage online. While the idea may seem good in theory, it is a failed concept and our attorneys of The Virga Law Firm, P.A. sincerely recommend against it, for a number of important reasons. Seemingly a positive and effortless alternative, the truth of the matter is online divorce may result in more problems than it resolves.

While online divorce is lauded as cheap and unproblematic, this isn’t always the case. People seek online divorce as a way of avoiding going to court, but you may still need to attend court. If you are seeking an online divorce, you likely won’t have the legal counsel, care, and representation necessary--which means you will have to pay more in the long run, to correct any mistakes initially made. Additionally, laws are not always enforceable online, and you don’t want to miss an important piece of paperwork and realize it too late.

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