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Panama City Divorce Lawyer

Attorney Gerard Virga Experienced Panama City Attorney

I have represented hundreds of families and have more than 10 years of legal experience.

Divorce Is Tough
Choosing the Right Lawyer Shouldn’t Be

By hiring our firm, you will be giving yourself the advantage of having a proved litigator on your side and greatly improving your chances of a successful outcome.

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My team is committed to exploring all avenues to quickly and fairly handle your family law case.

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Panama City Divorce Attorney

Put 40 years of Combined Legal Experience On Your Side

Our team of divorce and family law attorneys believe that family law is one of the most powerful and pervasive areas of law. Divorce, unlike others area of law, has long term and far reaching effects, including such issues as child custody,child support anddivision of marital property. That is why we handle each case with passion, strength and a commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for our client. Our team of divorce and family law attorneys know that you need a strong advocate inside and outside the courtroom. An advocate who is dedicated to fighting for you during this confusing and emotional time. We are committed to giving each of our clients the devotion and personal attention their case deserves. We use our combined legal experience of more than 40 years to bring you clarity and provide you guidance through this stressful and uncertain time.

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Our firm is one of the largest divorce and family law firms in Northwest Florida. Our divorce and family law attorneys implement the strength and size of our firm by discussing our cases with one another, so that we each gain new insights and perspectives. This approach often allows us to pull from our diverse litigation backgrounds and anticipate our adversary’s actions before they happen.

Our team of divorce and family law attorneys not only can assist you with your divorce and family law matter, but with the many other issues raised by a divorce or family law proceeding, such as:

Military Divorce

Military divorces and family law cases raise a whole host of issues that are not addressed in civilian cases. Our team of experienced divorce and family law attorneys are experienced in dealing with these matters, such as:

  • Division of Military Retirement
  • Survivor Benefit Plans
  • Direct Payment from DFAS
  • Child Custody During Deployment

The Virga Law Firm is dedicated to excellence in working with service members and their families who are facing these complex and emotional legal issues.

Do You Have Grounds to File for Divorce?

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Divorce Is Tough – Choosing the Right Family Attorney Should Not Be

Why should you entrust your case to our Panama City divorce and family law firm? Consider the following reasons:

  • We have a successful track record after representing hundreds of families.
  • Mr. Virga is an Avvo rated lawyer who has been named as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer.
  • Our team consists of trial lawyers who are not afraid of the courtroom, and are ready to litigate your case.
  • Our family law firm consists of United States military veterans, former prosecutors and former defense attorneys, who bring their diversity and experience to each and every one of our cases.

By hiring our firm, you will give yourself the advantage of having experienced and proven litigators on your side. With serious, proven trial attorneys, you can level the playing field in your divorce or family law case, greatly improving your chances of reaching a successful outcome. We will work tirelessly to help you reach the favorable results you desire, so that you can move on with your life in the most positive manner possible.

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Dealing with a family law issue such as divorce can lead to many concerns and questions. This is perfectly understandable. You need a reliable source of information to help you make calm and well-informed decisions. We can be the source you need to navigate your divorce process.

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