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When a child’s parents get a divorce, they still have a legal duty to provide their child with proper financial support. Child support obligations can impact your life and future financial interests for years. As a result, those facing legal action regarding child support should retain an experienced Tallahassee child support attorney for legal representation.

At The Virga Law Firm, P.A., our attorneys focus their practice on legal disputes involving Florida family law, including child support matters. You and your children can count on the dedication and professionalism of our legal team to help you through the challenging experience of litigating issues of child support before a Florida court.

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The Duty to Pay Child Support

In general, all parents have a legal obligation to provide their children with adequate financial support to cover necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, education, and health care. This legal duty arises from the parent-child relationship. Therefore, the marital status of a child’s parents is not dispositive for determining a parent’s responsibility to pay child support. Instead, this duty persists regardless of whether the child’s parents are married, divorced, or unmarried and separated.

However, when parents live together, they typically fulfill this parental duty on a daily basis through ordinary parenting. That is why issues of child support seem to only come up in divorce cases and similar family law proceedings.

Under Florida law, a court must determine child support matters in accordance with specific statutory guidelines. Those guidelines relate to Florida’s public policy concerning child support obligations:

  • Parents have a fundamental legal duty to support their legally dependent children
  • Florida’s statutory guideline schedule reflects an estimate of how parents would allocate their combined income to provide for their child if they still lived together
  • The guidelines encourage private settlement of child support matters to minimize court intervention and adversarial litigation

Child Support Issues Under Florida Law

Florida’s child support guidelines provide courts with a standard method for calculating the amount of child support a parent owes, based on each parent’s monthly net income and the needs of the child.

In determining a parent’s monthly net income, courts will consider the following factors:

  • Income from the parent’s employment, including bonuses, commissions, and tips
  • Income from the parent’s business profits, calculated by subtracting ordinary and necessary business expenses from the company’s gross receipts
  • Employment benefits, including disability, workers compensation, pension, and retirement benefits
  • Government benefits, such as social security
  • Spousal support payments from a prior marriage
  • Investment income
  • Income derived from property, including rents, royalties, trusts, and estates

At The Virga Law Firm, P.A., our experienced Tallahassee child support lawyers can appreciate the gravity of the consequences that arise from child support proceedings.

Given the financial stakes involved, we are prepared to diligently advocate for your legal interests and rights concerning the following child support issues:

  • Provisions of marital agreements concerning child support
  • Calculating income used for child support
  • Imputing income for child support purposes
  • Enforcement of child support
  • Adjustments to child support award based on equitable factors

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