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The courts are in charge of appointing a legal guardian to act on behalf of and make decisions for someone who can no longer do that for themselves. Sometimes it may be a minor, but the individual might also be an adult who has become incapacitated or has special needs. It is necessary to establish a legal guardian because the law considers all individuals to be minors until they have reached 18.

A guardian should act in the best interests of whom they are serving. Guardianship can also be revoked if there are grounds for it. If you have any questions guardianship matters or are pursuing your own case, please contact The Virga Law Firm, P.A. today. We are knowledgeable Panama City guardianship lawyers with over 100 years of combined legal experience.

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Why Do I Need Legal Counsel?

Guardianship attorneys help you with the court processes that establish guardianship. The paperwork can often be complicated and lengthy, and it is good to have a trusted advocate whom you know will ensure your best interests are put at the top of the priority list.

We can help you in the following ways:

  • Offer explanations about what the guardian's role is
  • Discuss what the boundaries of what a guardian can and cannot do
  • Offer reassurance that your children will be taken care of once guardianship has been established

There are several different types of guardianship as well:

  • Guardianship of a minor
  • Temporary guardianship
  • Emergency guardianship

Whatever your needs may be, you can trust the fact our legal team is fully prepared to help you wade through all of the complex legal waters. For example, if you are looking to establish guardianship of a minor, it affords you all of the rights and responsibilities of that minor's estates. You would provide a home for that child, apply for any benefits for him or her to receive, and file a lawsuit on his or her behalf.

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If you are a parent looking to appoint someone as the guardian of your child, understandably, you have come to terms with this fact. Not only is this an emotional time, but we understand how heartbreaking and challenging it is to come to this point. We want to help you carry out your wishes. Our firm works with the utmost compassion so you and your case will always receive the respect, privacy, and attention you deserve.

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