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Discovery Specialist Paralegal
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Angela Virga is the lead Discovery Specialist at The Virga Law Firm located in Florida. Her purpose is assisting clients in completing the process of financial disclosure, known as "discovery". Discovery is probably one of the most tedious portions of the Family Law legal process, but it is also one of the most important. When people come to the firm, they are often going through the most difficult time in their life; Angela's ability to help them through this tough time brings her joy.

Discovery Specialists aid attorneys in important matters such as: alimony, child support, and equitable distribution. Angela prides herself on standing by clients every step of the way through the discovery process. She not only assists the client in drafting their Discovery documents, but also guides them on how to complete the requested documentation.

Angela is passionate about what she does because of the family law matters she has encountered in her personal life. She knows how these matters can affect people and she does everything she can to help make it easier for them. There is a definite sense of accomplishment when a client’s Discovery is completed and they have one less issue to deal with on their way to resolving their family law case.

"We are there to help in any way we can, so that the client doesn't feel any unnecessary stress during this already difficult time." - Angela Virga

  • Great service, very eager to help and fight for me in court.

    “I will definitely be recommending to anyone I know that needs a child custody or divorce attorney!”

    - A Divorce Client
  • He's a man of integrity and is willing to go above and beyond to get the results needed.

    “If you are looking for an attorney who is professional, honest, knowledgeable and responsive to your needs, Gerard Virga meets such requirements.”

    - A Divorce Client
  • He was a straight shooter and listened to my wants.

    “He responded to my messages promptly and I never felt rushed when speaking with him in meetings and phone conversations.”

    - A Divorce Client
  • He listened carefully to what I said.

    “He answered in a way that helped me understand the law better.”

    - A Divorce Client
  • Gerard is smarter than 95% of people I know, including lawyers.

    “Gerard is smarter than 95% of people I know, including lawyers. His intelligence combined with his work ethic make him an extremely effective advocate. Gerard is the kind of evil genius I'd want on my ...”

    - Adam Ellis, Litigation Lawyer
  • Gerard is a brilliant attorney and he's the one you want on your side!

    “Truly he is one of the smartest people I have met. I have found Gerard very knowledgeable on law and legal procedure, and am extremely impressed by his ability to devise and execute an aggressive ...”

    - Rusty Shepard, Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Mr. Virga treated me with professionalism and fought my case well!

    “This lawyer treated me with professionalism, and fought for my case. His staff was excellent and Mr. Virga had an excellent understanding of the law. Mr. Virga also was a very real person, and not ...”

    - A Divorce Client
  • The clients I refer to Mr. Virga are always satisfied with and complimentary of his services.

    “I regularly refer family law and civil litigation cases to Mr. Virga because of his skill and knowledge of those areas of law. The clients I refer to Mr. Virga are always satisfied with and ...”

    - Joseph Turner, Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Mr. Virga not only accepted me as a client, but he took my case to heart.

    “Mr. Virga represented me in a litigation matter. Mr. Virga not only accepted me as a client, but he took my case to heart. Mr. Virga developed and executed a masterful legal strategy that pummeled my ...”

    - A Litigation Client

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