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Security Deposit Disputes

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One of the most common situations landlords have to deal with in the practice of property management is security deposit disputes. Many times, tenants object to a security deposit claim simply to make the landlord give up and return the deposit, despite whether proper claims were made. At the same time, landlords might make wrongful claims on a security deposit but don’t know how to respond to a tenant’s objection properly. Meanwhile, the security deposit dispute goes unresolved for months if not years, and this shouldn’t happen.

Given the complex circumstances surrounding security deposit disputes, you can get a distinct advantage by retaining an Orlando landlord-tenant attorney with a sophisticated understanding of Florida law regulating security deposit disputes. At The Virga Law Firm P.A., we have more than 80 years of combined experience representing Florida residents throughout various legal controversies, including security deposit claims. We are dedicated to providing you with a meticulous approach to legal representation to ensure your property rights as a landlord or their agent is properly recognized.

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Florida Law Regulating Security Deposits

Florida Statutes section 83.43(12) defines “security deposits” to mean “any moneys held by the landlord as security for the performance of the rental agreement, including, but not limited to, monetary damage to the landlord caused by the tenant’s breach of lease prior to the expiration thereof.”

Section 83.49 governs how landlords and tenants must handle the security deposit, claim, and objection. Landlords must return a tenant’s security deposit within 15 days after vacating the premises, along with any interest if required. However, if the landlord intends to make a claim on the deposit, they notify the tenant within 30 days by certified mail of their intention to do so.

The tenant has 15 days to object to the landlord’s claim from the date they received the landlord’s notice of intention to claim the deposit.

Comprehensive Advise and Dedicated Advocacy for Orlando Residents

Florida law is not entirely clear on all matters of importance regarding the security deposit. That is why you need the skill and knowledge of an Orland attorney with experience handling security deposit claims. At The Virga Law Firm, P.A. we have vast experience on dealing with security deposit claims and objections, both from the landlord and tenant perspective and helped to resolve hundreds of disputes efficiently and correctly—and it doesn’t always require filing a lawsuit or going to court. In the vast majority of cases, we can help you resolve the dispute with a simple letter or settlement negotiation.

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