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A postnuptial (or “post-nup”) agreement is a term many of our clients are unfamiliar with when they enter our Orlando office. A postnuptial agreement is most easily explained by comparing it to with the more commonly known prenuptial (or “pre-nup”) agreement.

A prenuptial agreement is a legally valid contract entered into by both parties before they are legally married. This agreement controls the many financial issues raised if the parties decides to divorce at a later date. A postnuptial agreement is a legal agreement the parties draft and execute after they are married. Like a prenuptial agreement, a postnuptial agreement controls the financial issues and risks that may arise if the parties decide to ever divorce.

The postnuptial agreement is often a legal mechanism to protect the parties from the uncertainties associated with divorce litigation. However, if you are currently contemplating marriage, the prenuptial agreement should be entered into while you have the opportunity to reach an agreement. Once married, if a postnuptial agreement cannot be reached by the parties, then you will be subjected to divorce litigation based on Florida's divorce statutes.

Whether you have questions regarding a postnuptial agreement or a prenuptial agreement, our Orlando attorneys will be able to assist you with your questions. Call to schedule your appointment today.