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No married couple can know exactly what lies on the path ahead but they can plan for it with a postnuptial agreement. At The Virga Law Firm, P.A., you can discuss what you would like to see in your postnuptial agreement with our compassionate and highly experienced Orlando family law attorneys. We take pride in being able to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, no matter the details of their case or their concerns.

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What a Postnuptial Agreement Does

Some people hold postnuptial agreements in a negative light, seeing it as a promise to divorce one day. This is not the case at all, as our Orlando family lawyers can explain. You should see a postnuptial agreement as a safety net under your marriage: you never want to use it but you would be quite upset if you needed it but did not have it. You can plot out key points and expectations just in case you do ever go through a divorce or separation. Indeed, it functions the same as a prenuptial agreement except it is drafted after a couple marries, not before.

Your postnuptial agreement can help you pre-decide matters related to:

Your postnuptial agreement cannot typically decide any matters related to your children, such as visitation, child support, and child custody. The court always has to rule in favor of a child’s best interests, which requires knowing the most current possible information about the family’s relationships, incomes, and day-to-day life. Postnuptial and prenuptial agreements are made in advance so the most current and best information related to a child’s wellbeing cannot be known.

Why Create a Postnuptial Agreement?

Knowing what a postnuptial agreement can do, you may still be wondering why you would make one at all. This is a question our Orlando family law attorneys hear often from clients. There are many benefits that having a postnuptial or prenuptial in place can bring.

When you have a postnuptial drafted, you can enjoy these advantages:

  • Spend less time in court if you divorce.
  • Saving time on a divorce also saves money.
  • Peace of mind knowing you have a “safety net.”

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Our Orlando postnuptial agreement attorneys are ready and willing to help you and your spouse come up with a fair postnuptial agreement that benefits you both and your children. In case you are worried your spouse will not understand the benefits of a postnuptial, we would be happy to sit down with you both and explain it in detail and address any initial concerns. Begin today by contacting us and requesting your confidential consultation.