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Divorce is just as traumatic for children involved, especially when the parents’ relationship becomes so contentious that they cannot come to an agreement on parenting time and living arrangements. In such cases, spouses can appeal to the court and ask to mandate a particular arrangement for the duration of the divorce. The court can then intervene and stabilize the family by issuing temporary child custody orders.

What Can Temporary Custody Orders Do?

Temporary child custody orders can resolve disagreement between you and your spouse about where your children will live, with whom they will spend their nights, weekends, etc., and which parent will be responsible for certain financial costs associated with parenting. If awarded, these orders apply for the duration of your divorce and are intended to minimize chaos as much as possible while your family transitions.

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When Should I Pursue Temporary Custody Orders?

You may want to seek temporary custody orders if your spouse is preventing you from seeing your children or if you believe your spouse poses a danger to you or your children. Temporary custody can also quell any fears of kidnapping by the other parent and minimize competition between spouses to be their children’s preferred custodial parent. In general, if you and your spouse do not agree on how your children’s time should be spent and how parental responsibilities should be divided during the divorce, you will likely need to ask the court to issue a temporary custody arrangement.

How Can an Orlando Divorce Attorney Help?

Because appealing for temporary custody is a legal process, it is helpful to have a legal professional on your side in order to improve your chances of success. You will need to assemble various important documents, propose the terms of the temporary custody order, formulate a supporting declaration to demonstrate the merits of your appeal, and more. Without an experienced attorney on your side, you could make accidental omissions or errors that may slow down the process or prevent you from getting the results your family needs.

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