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Establishing Legal Guardianship

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Whether a younger child is in need of a caregiver or an elderly relative is unable to tend to themselves, establishing guardianship can help caring for the individual much easier. Becoming a guardian gives you the ability to make important decisions for those you are caring for, including:

  • Healthcare decisions
  • Schooling
  • Religious upbringing
  • Financial decisions

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Legal Responsibility

When you become a guardian, you are legally responsible for another person’s well-being. Whether temporary or permanent, the legal action of becoming a guardian can make caring for your ward significantly easier.

Guardians can act as legal representatives and caregivers for a number of wards, including:

  • Elderly adults
  • Mentally or physically disabled family members
  • Children or minors

The state of Florida allows for both voluntary and involuntary guardianships. A voluntary guardianship is when an adult, whether elderly, disabled or otherwise, is unable to maintain their own health and estate, and submits themselves for guardianship. An involuntary guardianship refers to the legal caregiver of a minor or child who has no legal say over the issuance.

Guardianships differ from adoptions in that the legal responsibility can be partial, or even temporary. Guardianships allow the biological parents of the ward to maintain some or all of their parental rights, whereas adoptions strip these responsibilities from the biological parents.

The court may extend limited guardianship in a situation where the ward may only need assistance in some aspects of their life. Should the ward become able to care for themselves, the court may deem the guardianship unnecessary. This is helpful if you need to care for someone after a catastrophic accident, as you would only need to assume the responsibility of the ward until they are once again able to care for themselves.

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